Sociological Research Online

Volume 1, Issue 4

Refereed Articles

Jane McKie
Is Democracy at the Heart of IT? Commercial Perceptions of Technology

Matthew David and David Zeitlyn
What are they Doing? Dilemmas in Analyzing Bibliographic Searching: Cultural and Technical Networks in Academic Lif e

Chanoch Jacobsen and Tamar Vanki
Violating an Occupational Sex-Stereotype: Israeli Women Earning Engineering Degrees

Review Article

Edith de Leeuw & William L. Nicholls II
Technological Innovations in Data Collection: Acceptance, Data Quality and Costs


Raymond M. Lee & Nigel Fielding
Qualitative Data Analysis: Representations of a Technology: A Comment on Coffey, Holbrook and Atkinson

John Rex
Contemporary Nationalism, Its Causes and Consequences for Europe - A Reply to Delanty

Book Reviews

Research Resources

Obituary: Anselm Strauss

Acknowledgement to all the referees for Volume 1

Books Received


Volume 1, Issue 4, published 23rd December, 1996