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SocInfo - CTI Centre for Sociology, Politics and Social Policy

SocInfo is the CTI Centre for Sociology, Politics and Social Policy based at the University of Stirling and is directed by Professor Duncan Timms and Millsom Henry. The main remit of this centre is to actively encourage academics to use the new technologies effectively in an overall attempt to improve the quality of teaching and learning. CTI Centres are funded under a joint programme of the Higher Education Funding Councils of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are 24 national Centres which are organised on a subject discipline basis.

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of the learning experience and to increase the effectiveness of teaching through the appropriate use of learning technologies in sociology, politics and social policy.


To promote the awareness, facilitate the development and evaluate the potential of learning technologies in the disciplines of sociology, politics and social policy throughout the UK. In pursuing this aim attention will be paid to the particular needs and resources of the disciplines and departments involved.


To provide a range of services to academic staff involved in teaching sociology, politics and social policy within U.K. higher education.

The services developed to-date include:


Following a review of publishing policy in 1994-5 the Centre now publishes three issues of a 12-page Newsletter per year, along with an annual Journal, containing more discursive articles on the use of learning technology in sociology, politics and social policy. A Guide to Resources for teaching sociology, politics and social policy is also published in hard print at least every second year and is to be kept in a more up-dated form on the Web. The WWW site is also used for other information, including forthcoming events.


The Centre organises workshops, seminars, conference sessions and visits. The average number of four workshops per year are hosted with two seminars. The Centre participates in at least two of the three annual professional conferences. Presentations are also made at other conferences (e.g. ALT, TLTP events).


The range of the enquiries reflects the range of disciplinary interests covered by the Centre and the range of experience with learning technology extant in the constituency. While the use of email and the Web has increased greatly, there is still a need to provide an enquiry service by traditional means for those members of the constituency who are not familiar with or lack access to modern information and communications technologies.


This is seen as a key area for the Centre and involves networking at a variety of disciplinary and institutional levels. The Director and Deputy Director take part in a number of activities designed to ensure the Centre has a high profile in professional circles; this includes attending professional association meetings, hosting sessions at annual conferences, writing papers and reviews for key journals, accepting invitations to speak at disciplinary meetings, being on evaluation panels (e.g. for the ESRC).

The Centre is involved in two JISC projects, Sociological Research Online, this electronic journal for sociology, published in association with the University of Surrey, Sage Publications and the BSA and the Visual Multi-User Discussion project with the University of Huddersfield.

The SocInfo Advisory Group for the Centre attracts a number of prominent academics in sociology, politics and social policy including nominated representatives from the key professional associations. In addition, the Software Review Panel is drawn from academics across the UK and reflects the diversity of the disciplines and the varying levels of computer literacy. The Centre has also established a National Network of Departmental Representatives who act as local gateways.

If you would like more information about any aspect of the Centre's work, do not hestitate to contact us at the address below. If you would like to be on the mailing list, then please complete the form below.

General Mailing List

If you would like to be kept informed of events and or would like to suggest a colleague to SocInfo, please submit this form to the Centre. If your browser does not support 'mailto' forms, please send the equivalent information by email or post.


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