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CAQDAS -Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Caqdas Networking Project

What is the Project and How do I Take Advantage of its Resources?

This project is now in its second period of funding by the UK ESRC; and continues in its aims to create networks which reach a wide audience of researchers using qualitative data sources. The project is co-directed by Nigel Fielding, University of Surrey and Ray Lee, Royal Holloway,University of London; Ann Lewins is the project resource officer based at Surrey University. It sets out to disseminate information about computer assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQDAS), makes available a number of CAQDAS resources, and creates platforms for the debate which concerns the use and development of CAQDAS. Available resources include:

CAQDAS World Wide Web Page

URL address: < >
ftp address for those without web browsers:

Sections within the CAQDAS web page are regularly updated:

Currently available demo versions of software are:

ATLAS/ti (dos)PC
Graphics CopePC
InspirationPC & Mac
The Ethnograph V4PC
Winmax ProPC

Further items in this section of the CAQDAS page include stop press changes or additions to demo list, downloading and file decompression instructions and easy access tutorials. These have been provided with the software by the developer of respective packages; this section aims to make the location or existence of the files, obvious. Part of the role of the CAQDAS project is to increase the accessibility of information about the software packages. Often it is in the very earliest stages of the use of a software package that the new user requires the clearest instructions and help. Often software manuals are written by experts, not by beginners with beginners problems. This tutorial section, which will be added to as time allows, aims to assist very new users in this early stage of experimentation.

Qual-Software: Internet Discussion List

Most information which is distributed by the project by post is also 'posted' on qual-software; in an effort to save costs some information is only posted to qual-software. The list also acts as a debating forum, a point of contact and information. It also acts as a user group which influences decisions made by developers, (who also participate in list discussion) in the continual upgrading and advancements which they bring to their individual software packages.

To subscribe:

Send an untitled message to <> the text of the message enter:

join qual-software <YourFirstName YourSecondName>

Viewing past messages and discussions on the list is made easy. All of the open lists, which are served by the Mailbase organisation, their archived messages and their membership lists, are located at their web site:


Currently Advertised CAQDAS Training Events

15 and 22 January 1997: Intensive hands-on QSR NUD*IST Training days
25-26 March 1997: 2-day CAQDAS Introductory Short Course
16 May 1997: In depth demonstration of recently released ATLAS/ti for Windows by the developer ,Thomas Muhr

Advisory Support Line and Further Information

Contact Ann Lewins
Tel: +77 (0) 1483 259455

Postal Address:
CAQDAS Networking Project, Dept of Sociology, University of Surrey GUILDFORD GU2 5XH, UK

Ann Lewins
CAQDAS, University of Surrey

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