Refereed Articles

  • Alison Bowes
    Evaluating an Empowering Research Strategy: Reflections on Action-Research with South Asian Women

  • Amanda Coffey, Beverley Holbrook and Paul Atkinson
    Qualitative Data Analysis: Technologies and Representations

  • Raymond M. Lee and Nigel Fielding
    Qualitative Data Analysis: Representations of a Technology: A Comment on Coffey, Holbrook and Atkinson

  • Matthew David and David Zeitlyn
    What are they Doing? Dilemmas in Analyzing Bibliographic Searching: Cultural and Technical Networks in Academic Lif e

  • Adele Clarke and Susan Leigh Star
    Anselm Strauss: Obituary

  • Susan Leigh Star
    Anselm Strauss: An Appreciation

  • Martyn Hammersley and Roger Gomm
    Bias in Social Research

  • Beth Humphries
    From Critical Thought to Emancipatory Action: Contradictory Research Goals?

  • Nirmal Puwar
    Reflections on Interviewing Women MPs

  • Miriam Catterall and Pauline Maclaran
    Focus Group Data and Qualitative Analysis Programs: Coding the Moving Picture as Well as the Snapshots

  • Udo Kelle
    Theory Building in Qualitative Research and Computer Programs for the Management of Textual Data

  • Odette Parry, Carolyn Thomson and Gerry Fowkes
    Life Course Data Collection: Qualitative Interviewing using the Life Grid

  • Andrew Finlay
    'Whatever You Say Say Nothing': an Ethnographic Encounter in Northern Ireland and its Sequel

  • Gill Hubbard
    The Usefulness of Indepth Life History Interviews for Exploring the Role of Social Structure and Human Agency in Youth Transitions

  • Sarah Goode
    Researching a Hard-To-Access and Vulnerable Population: Some Considerations On Researching Drug and Alcohol-Using Mothers

  • Jeni Harden, Sue Scott, Kathryn Backett-Milburn and Stevi Jackson
    Can't Talk, Won't Talk?: Methodological Issues in Researching Children

  • Sevaste Chatzifotiou
    Conducting Qualitative Research on Wife Abuse: Dealing with the Issue of Anxiety

  • Linda Perriton
    Incestuous Fields: Management Research, Emotion and Data Analysis

  • Robert MacDonald, Paul Mason, Tracy Shildrick, Colin Webster, Les Johnston and Louise Ridley
    Snakes & Ladders: In Defence of Studies of Youth Transition

  • John Roberts
    Dialogue, Positionality and the Legal Framing of Ethnographic Research

  • John R Schmuttermaier and David Schmitt
    Smoke and Mirrors: Modernist Illusions in the Quantitative versus Qualitative Research Debate

  • Charlotte Aull Davies and Nickie Charles
    The Piano in the Parlour: Methodological Issues in the Conduct of a Restudy

    Book Reviews

  • Ann Lewins
    Robert G. Burgess (editor): Studies in Qualitative Methodology

  • Anna Triandafyllidou
    William Thomas and Florian Znaniecki (edited by Eli Zaretsky): The Polish Peasant in Europe and America

  • Martyn Hammersley
    Joseph A. Maxwell: Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach

    Research Resources

  • Louise Corti and Paul Thompson
    ESRC Qualitative Data Archival Resource Centre QUALIDATA

  • Ann Lewins