Volume 9, Issue 4, published 30/11/2004

Refereed Articles

Sociological Practitioners Contributing to New Product Development: Mapping the Challenges
   An Jacobs

The Order of Service: the Practical Management of Customer Interaction
   Barry Brown

Oyster Coverage: Chiastic News As a Reflection of Local Expertise and Economic Concerns
   Toby A. Ten Eyck and Forrest A. Deseran

Dead or Alive: The Discursive Massacre or the Mass-suicide of Post-Soviet Intelligentsia?
   Inna Kotchetkova

Facilitating Social Networks Among Gay Men
   Bob Cant

Debate Article

The editors of the journal would welcome responses to this debate article. These may take the form of short reflexive pieces (2000-3000 words), or longer journal articles (5000-8000 words). Submissions will be subjected to the peer review process as appropriate.

Back to the Future of Social Theory: an Interview with Nicholas Gane
   David Beer and Nicholas Gane

Book Reviews

Adventures in Social Research: Data Analysis Using Spss 11.0/11.5 for Windows 5th Edition
Babbie, Earl; Fred Halley; Jeanne Zaino
Reviewed by Gill Gillespie

Spaces of Neoliberalism: Urban Restructuring in North America and Western Europe
Brenner, Neil and Nik Theodore (Editors)
Reviewed by William Cross

Class Practices : How Parents Help Their Children Get Good Jobs
Devine, Fiona
Reviewed by John Reed

Qualitative Methods and Health Policy Research
Murphy, Elizabeth and Dingwall, Robert
Reviewed by Judith Green

Worlds of Health: Exploring the Health Choices of British Asian Mothers
Reed, Kate
Reviewed by Harshad Keval

Understanding Qualitative Research and Ethnomethodology
Ten Have, Paul
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Books received