Volume 9, Issue 3, published 31 August 2004

General Articles

Discursive Democracy and New Labour: Five Ways in Which Decision-Makers Manage Citizen Agendas in Public Participation Initiatives
Mike Williams

Attitudes, Care and Commitment: Pattern and Process
Sarah Irwin

Emotions After Dark - a Sociological Impression of the 2003 New York Blackout
Chris Yuill

Living Alone: Its Place in Household Formation and Change
Joan Chandler, Malcolm Williams, Moira Maconachie, Tracey Collett and Brian Dodgeon

'Rappin' on the Reservation: Canadian Mohawk Youth's Hybrid Cultural Identities
Robert Hollands

A Profile of Fatherhood Among Young Men: Moving Away from Their Birth Family and Closer to Their Child.
Anne QuÈniart

Rapid Response

'No Woman's Law will Rot this State': The Israeli Racial State and Feminist Resistance
Ronit Lentin

Social Barriers to Peace: Socialisation Processes in the Radicalisation of the Palestinian Struggle
Stephen Vertigans

Book Reviews

Global Aging and Challenges to Families
Bengtson, Vern L. and Ariela Lowenstein (Editors)
Reviewed by Henk Vinken

Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation
Chambliss, Daniel F and Russell K. Schutt
Reviewed by Roger John Sapsford

Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis
Cramer, Duncan
Reviewed by Stephen Brindle

Denzin, Norman K.
Reviewed by David Calvey

Emile Durkheim: Sociologist of Modernity
Emirbayer, Mustafa (Editor)
Reviewed by Mike Drake

Books received.