Sociological Research Online

Volume 8, Issue 3

Refereed Articles

Rapid Response: The Gulf War and its Aftermath

Barbara Misztal
Negative Capability or Dealing with the Complexity of the Iraqi War

General Articles

Rosemary Deem and Rachel Johnson
Risking the University? Learning to be a Manager-Academic in UK Universities

Gayle Letherby and Gillian Reynolds
Making Connections: the Relationship between Train Travel and the Processes of Work and Leisure

Heather Paris
'Lifting up the Little Form': Victorian Images of Childhood and Death 1870-1900

Review Article and Debate

Sue Wise and Liz Stanley
Looking Back and Looking Forward: Some Recent Feminist Sociology Reviewed

Book Reviews

Reviews by Vida Cesnuityte, Edward Phelps, Gayle Letherby, Suki Ali, Victoria Grace

Books Received


Volume 8, Issue 3, published 31st August, 2003