Sociological Research Online

Volume 7, Issue 4

Refereed Articles

Ken Roberts, Galina Osadchaya, Hasan Dsuzev, Victor Gorodyanenko and Jochen Tholen
Who Succeeds and Who Flounders? Young People in East Europe's New Market Economies

Ralph Schroeder
The Consumption of Technology in Everyday Life: Car, Telephone, and Television in Sweden and America in Comparative-Historical Perspective

John Walliss
'Loved the Wedding, Invite Me to the Marriage': The Secularisation of Weddings in Contemporary Britain

Julie Kent, Emma Williamson, Trudy Goodenough and Richard Ashcroft
Social Science Gets the Ethics Treatment: Research governance and ethical review

Carolina Ladino
'You Make Yourself Sound So Important' Fieldwork Experiences, Identity Construction, and Non-Western Researchers Abroad


Graham Crow and Larry Ray

Les Back
Dancing and Wrestling with Scholarship: Things to do and things to avoid in a PhD Career

Book Reviews

Reviews by Chris Brickell, Fiona French, Julie Wuthnow, Lydia Lewis, Sirpa Wrede, Jo Barnes, Keith Macdonald

Books Received


Volume 7, Issue 4, published 30th November, 2002