Contributors to Volume 7, Number 4

Les Back
Les Back is Reader in Sociology at Goldsmiths College, London. His most recent books include Out of Whiteness: Color, Politics and Culture o- authored with Vron Ware, University of Chicago, 2002) and The Changing Face of Football: Racism, Identity and Multiculture and the English Game (co-author with John Solomos and Tim Crabbe, Berg 2001).
Carolina Ladino
Carolina obtained her PhD in 1999 from the London School of Economics. Her area of interest is gender and households in Latin America. She has worked as a consultant for the World Bank and has worked as a researcher for various organizations.
K Roberts, G I Osadchaya, H V Dsuzev, V G Gorodyanenko and J Tholen
Ken Roberts is Professor of Sociology at the University of Liverpool. His books include Youth and Employment in Modern Britain (1995), Surviving Post- Communism (2000), and Class in Modern Britain (2001).

Galina Osadchaya is Professor and Head of Sociology at the Moscow State Social University. She is the author of numerous Russian language publications on social policy and social change in the Russian Federation.

Hasan Dsuzev is Professor at the Institute for Sociological Research, Vladikavkaz. He has directed a series of studies into the contemporary problems of the North Caucasus.

Victor Gorodyanenko is Professor of Sociology at Dneipropetrovsk National University, and chair of the Dneipropetrovsk Branch of the Ukrainian Sociological Association. He is the author of widely used Ukrainian sociological textbooks, and has directed projects into the problems of post-communist economic reconstruction in Dneipropetrovsk.

Jochen Tholen is Head of the Department of Knowledge Transfer at the University of Bremen. He is co-author of Euro Managers or Splendid Isolation? An Anglo-German Comparison (1993), and Market or Mafia: Russian Managers on the Difficult Road Towards an Open Society (1997).

Ralph Schroeder
Ralph Schroeder is Professor in the Department of Technology and Society at Chalmers University in Sweden. His publications include ?Max Weber and the Sociology of Culture? (London: Sage, 1992) and 'Possible Worlds: The Social Dynamic of Virtual Reality Technology' (Boulder CO: Westview Press, 1996).
John Walliss
John Walliss is an Associate Fellow of the Dept of Sociology, University of Warwick. His research interests situated broadly at the intersection of the social theory and the sociology of religion. His first book The Brahma Kumaris as a Reflexive Tradition: Responding to Late Modernity has recently been published by Ashgate and he has also written on the relationship between bereavement and Spiritualism and the role of 'fringe' archaeology in the contemporary 'spiritual supermarket'. At present he is writing a book on the sociology of millenarianism and apocalyptic belief. For details of his work see his homepage
Emma Williamson, Julie Kent, Trudy Goodenough and Richard Ashcroft
Dr. Emma Williamson, Centre for Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol, 73 St.Michael's Hill, Bristol, BS2 8BH. Telephone: 0117 928 9843 Fax: 0117 927 9814

Dr.Trudy Goodenough, Centre for Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol, 73 St.Michael's Hill, Bristol, BS2 8BH. Telephone: 0117 928 9843 Fax: 0117 927 9814

Dr.Julie Kent, University of the West of England, Sociology Department, Frenchay Campus, Bristol, BS16 1QY. Tel: 0117 965 6261.
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Dr.Richard Ashcroft, Imperial College, Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice, ICSM Charing Cross Campus, Reynolds Building, St.Dunstan's Road, London, W6 8RP.
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