Sociological Research Online

Volume 7, Issue 2

Refereed Articles

Rapid Response/'The British Royal Family and its Place in the Contemporary World'

Anne Rowbottom
Following the Queen: The Place of the Royal Family in the Context of Royal Visits and Civil Religion.

General Articles

Les Back, Michael Keith, Azra Khan, Kalbir Shukra and John Solomos
The Return of Assimilationism: Race, Multiculturalism and New Labour

Charlotte Aull Davies and Nickie Charles
The Piano in the Parlour: Methodological Issues in the Conduct of a Restudy

Fiona Gill and Catherine Maclean
Knowing your Place: Gender and Reflexivity in two Ethnographies

Jay Ginn and Sara Arber
Degrees of Freedom: Do Graduate Women escape the Motherhood Gap in Pensions?

Christine Hine
Cyberscience and Social Boundaries: the Implications of Laboratory Talk on the Internet

Jenny Hockey, Victoria Robinson and Angela Meah
'For Better or Worse?': Heterosexuality Reinvented

Martin Innes and Nigel Fielding
From Community To Communicative Policing: 'Signal Crimes' And The Problem Of Public Reassurance

Kirsty Sherlock
Community Matters: Reflections from the Field

Felix Stalder
The Failure of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and the Voiding of Privacy

Book Reviews

Reviews by Caroline Knowles, Edwin van Teijlingen, Yon Hsu, Hans Mommaas, Mark Sherry, Nina Wakeford, Susie Jacobs, Victoria Alexander

Books Received


Volume 7, Issue 2, published 31st August, 2002