Contributors to Volume 6, Number 4

Steve Fuller
Steve Fuller is Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick. His e- mail address is, and his homepage is < x.html>>

Joyce Canaan
Dr. Joyce E Canaan is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology. She has published widely in the area of the ethnography of schooling and has co-written Common Culture (by Paul Willis with Simon Jones, Joyce Canaan and Geoff Hurd, 1990), and co-edited, with Debbie Epstein, A Question of Discipline: Pedagogy and Power in the Teaching of Cultural Studies, (1997). Her current research locates ethnographies of schooling within the context of government policies on education.
Gil-Soo Han
Dr Gil-Soo Han is a senior lecturer at the School of Rural Health, Monash University, Australia. His recent publications include Health and Medicine under Capitalism: Korean Immigrants in Australia (2000, Associated University Presses), ?The rise of Western medicine and revival of traditional medicine in Korea: a brief history? in Korean Studies (1997, University of Hawaii), and other articles. He is currently researching social determinants of health of past industrial workers in rural setting, the needs/roles of health professionals, and primary care needs in rural Australia.
Christian Karner
Christian Karner is currently in his final year of doctoral research on the discourse of Hindu nationalism at the University of Nottingham (School of Humanities). With a background in sociology, cultural studies and anthropology, his other main interests include contemporary Austrian society, French structuralism and the uses of psychological models in the study of religion and society. He can be contacted on
Gayle Letherby
Gayle Letherby is a principal/senior lecturer in Sociology in the School of Health and Social Sciences at Coventry University and Deputy Director of the Centre for Social Justice (also at Coventry). Research and writing interests include feminist research and epistemology, auto/biography, family, kinship and reproduction, learning and working in higher education.
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