Sociological Research Online

Volume 6, Issue 2

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Book Reviews

Edwards, Tim: Contradictions of Consumption: Concepts, Practices and Politics in Consumer Society
Reviewed by Terhi-Anna Wilska

Entwisle, Barbara; Gail E. Henderson (Editors): Re-Drawing Boundaries: Work, Household, and Gender in China
Reviewed by Jude Howell

Jacobs, Ronald N: Race, Media, and the Crisis of Civil Society: From Watts to Rodney King
Reviewed by Talmadge Wright

Lawler, Steph: Mothering the Self: Mothers, Daughters, Subjects
Reviewed by Sara MacKian

Mann, Chris and Fiona Stewart: Internet Communication and Qualitative Research: A Handbook for Researching Online
Reviewed by Christine Hine

Parker, John: Structuration
Reviewed by Richard Jenkins


Volume 6, Issue 2, published 31st August 2001