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Audio Plug-in

In order to hear the sound clips associated with this article, you will need to install a special plug-in into your browser. The clips are offered in '.aif' format which can be played using the Quicktime plug-in. This software is available freely over the World Wide Web. Simply click to the Quicktime web site, download the software and then install it. Once it has been installed, click on the links in the article and the sound clips will play back. Many other web sites offer both video and sound clips in Quicktime format.

Quicktime has been developed by Apple and is available from the Apple Quicktime web site. The Quicktime Player is available for the following platforms: Windows 3.1, 95, NT; MacOS 7, 8.

Other plug-ins for audio and video format are available and may play either of these formats too. For a wider range of plug-ins, try Netscape's audio and video plug-ins page.