Sociological Research Online

Volume 3, Issue 2

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Book Reviews

Scott C. Ratzan: The Mad Cow Crisis: Health and the Public Good
Kenneth Thompson: Moral Panics
Reviewed by Paul Atkinson

Neil J. Smelser: Problematics of Sociology: The Georg Simmel Lectures, 1995
Reviewed by Leonard Beeghley

Richard Doyle: On Beyond Living: Rhetorical Transformations of the Life Sciences
Reviewed by Marc Berg

Derek Layder: Understanding Social Theory
Peter Worsley: Knowledges: What Different Peoples Make of the World
Reviewed by Graham Crow

Ruth Lister: Citizenship: Feminist Perspectives
Reviewed by Rosemary Deem

Francine D. Blau and Ronald G. Ehrenberg (editors): Gender and Family Issues in the Workplace
Reviewed by Colette Fagan

Clive Seale (editor): Researching Society and Culture
Reviewed by Andrew Hill

Craig Reinarman and Harry G. Levine (editors): Crack in America: Demon Drugs and Social Justice
Reviewed by Rhidian Hughes

Robert van Krieken: Norbert Elias
Reviewed by Pablo Jáuregui

Jaana Juvonen and Kathryn Wentzel (editors): Social Motivation: Understanding Children's School Adjustment
Reviewed by Andrew Pollard

Vic Duke and Liz Crolley: Football, Nationality and the State
Reviewed by Sam Pryke

Charles Tilly: Durable Inequality
Reviewed by Mike Savage

Victoria L. Bergvall, Janet M. Bing and Alice F. Freed (editors): Rethinking Language and Gender Research: Theory and Practice
Reviewed by Jane Sunderland

Barbara Bagilhole: Equal Opportunities and Social Policy: Issues of Race, Gender and Disability
Reviewed by Clare Ungerson

Joseph E. Behar (editor): Mapping Cyberspace: Social Research on the Electronic Frontier
Rob Kitchin: Cyberspace: The World in the Wires
Reviewed by Nina Wakeford

Jean. S. La Fontaine: Speak of the Devil: Tales of Satanic Abuse in Contemporary England
Reviewed by Robin Wooffitt


Volume 3, Issue 2, published 30th June, 1998