Timothy McGettigan
Department of Sociology, University of Southern Colorado, USA

Timothy McGettigan received his Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. After a brief interval - as well as a shift in disciplines - Dr. McGettigan resumed his academic work in the Department of Sociology at Washington State University where he received both his MA (1991) and his PhD (1995). He currently lectures at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. McGettigan's scholarly interest include areas such as social inequity, political sociology, theory and cultural studies, however the issues of central concern in his work focus upon the concept of 'power'. McGettigan's interest in the structure and dynamics of power has led him to conduct research projects in various 'mobile utopias' - such as food co-ops, neo-communes, alternative newspapers, and the Green Tortoise Adventure Travel Company. McGettigan has also begun a research project on power, poverty and homelessness and, in the future, he is planning to do cross-cultural studies that will analyze the geo-political structure of social power.

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