Sociological Research Online

Volume 3, Issue 1

Refereed Articles

Social Transformation

Gerard Delanty
Social Theory and European Transformation: Is there a European Society?

Anna Triandafyllidou and Anastasios Fotiou
Sustainability and Modernity in the European Union: A Frame Theory Approach to Policy-Making

The Future of Sociology

Irwin Deutscher
Sociological Practice: The Politics of Identities and Futures

Tony Tam
The Industrial Organization of Sociology

Bogusia Temple
Whose Future? Whose Sociology? A Response to Tam and Deutscher

Kenneth Prandy and Wendy Bottero
The Use of Marriage Data to Measure the Social Order in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Timothy McGettigan
Reflections in an Unblinking Eye: Negotiating Identity in the Production of a Documentary
Includes video clips

Wendy Cealey Harrison and John Hood-Williams
More Varieties than Heinz: Social Categories and Sociality in Humphries, Hammersley and Beyond

Beth Humphries
The Baby and the Bath Water: Hammersley, Cealey Harrison and Hood-Williams and the Emancipatory Research Debate

Jane Pilcher
Gender Matters? Three Cohorts of Women Talking about Role Reversal

R. David Smith
Social Structures and Chaos Theory

Peter Lynn
The British Crime Survey Sample: A response to Elliott and Ellingworth

Book Reviews

Reviews by Meryl Aldridge, David Gilbert, Nick Manning, Patricia M. McDonough and Barbara Tobolowsky, Rosemary Mellor, Marilyn Porter, Teresa Rees, John Solomos and Johanna Wyn

Research Resource

Helen Pickering
Scottish Collaborative On-demand Publishing Enterprise (SCOPE)

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Volume 3, Issue 1, published 31st March, 1998