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Linda L. Layne

Linda L. Layne

Linda L. Layne is Professor of Anthropology, and Division Director of Liberal Arts and International Studies at the Colorado School of Mines. She has authored two books: Home and Homeland: The Dialogics of Tribal and National Identities in Jordan (Princeton University Press 1994) and Motherhood Lost: A Feminist Account of Pregnancy Loss in America (Routledge 2003) and co-produced an 11-part, award-winning television series, “Motherhood Lost: Conversations” at George Mason Television. She has edited or co-edited nine books and special issues including Transformative Motherhood: On Giving and Getting in a Consumer Culture New York UP 1999; (Winner of the Council on Anthropology of Reproduction's Enduring Influence Book Prize), Consuming Motherhood with Taylor and Wozniak, Rutgers 2004 (Winner of the Council on Anthropology of Reproduction's New Volume Book Prize); Feminist Technology with Vostral and Boyer, U Illinois, 2010 and associated blog, Understanding Reproductive Loss with Earle and Komaromy, Ashgate, 2012, Parenting in Global Perspective with Faircloth and Hoffman, Routledge, 2013, Selfishness and Selflessness (in prep). Her current research is on emerging family forms--single mothers by choice, two-mom families, two-dad families, and families that include a ‘baby’ lost through a miscarriage or stillbirth as a family member. She has published a number of articles on this subject and two books are planned: one on absent presences in these emerging family and the other an in-depth case study of one American Single Mother by Choice.

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