Sociological Research Online

Volume 2, Issue 4

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Extended Reviews

Christine Griffin
Youth Research in the 1990s: Time for (Another) Rethink

Max Travers
The Decomposition of Sociology

Book Reviews

Roger Waldinger and Mehdi Bozorgmehr (editors): Ethnic Los Angeles
Reviewed by Faye W. Arnold

David L. Collinson and Jeff Hearn: Men as Managers, Managers as Men: Critical Perspectives on Men, Maculinities and Managements
Reviewed by Harriet Bradley

S. MacGregor and A. Lipow (editors): The Other City: People and Politics in New York and London
Reviewed by Nick Buck

Mary Douglas: Thought Styles: Critical Essays on Good Taste
Reviewed by Geoff Cooper

Malcolm Williams and Tim May: Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Research
Reviewed by Peter Halfpenny

Barbara R. Bergman: Saving Our Children from Poverty: What the United States can Learn from France
Reviewed by Paul A. Jargowsky

Peter J. Taylor: The Way the Modern World Works: World Hegemony to World Impasse
Reviewed by David Lane

S. Lash, B. Szerszynski and B. Wynne (editors): Risk, Environment and Modernity: Towards a New Ecology
Reviewed by Anna Triandafyllidou

R. J. Johnston: Nature, State and Economy: A Political Economy of the Environment (2nd Edition)
Reviewed by John Walls


Volume 2, Issue 4, published 22nd December, 1997