Dan Ellingworth, Sheffield Hallam University
Caroline Elliott, Lancaster University

Dan Ellingworth worked at the University of Manchester for six years as a research associate in the Quantitative Criminology Group and the Department of Social Policy, working on research projects relating to British Crime Survey analysis and evaluations of criminal justice programmes for violent men. He is currently completing a PhD in criminology at the University of Manchester, and has an MSc in Social Research Methods from the University of Surrey, and an MA in Politics and Sociology from the University of Edinbugh. As of September 1997, he is employed at Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Community and Health Studies.

Caroline Elliott is currently employed as a Lecturer in the Economics Department of the Management School at Lancaster University, and was previously a researcher in Department of Econometrics at Manchester University. In addition, she has taught at the University of Kentucky, and presented a series of research papers in the UK and US. Her research interests include the economics of crime and econometric modelling, and is completing a PhD at Manchester University in Economics and Econometrics, and holds an MA from Manchester University in Economics, and a BA from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

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