Sociological Research Online

Volume 2, Issue 3

Refereed Articles

Thomas J. Scheff
Part/Whole Morphology: Unifying Single Case and Comparative Methods

Norma Romm
Becoming More Accountable: A Comment on Hammersley and Gomm

Dianne Millen
Some Methodological and Epistemological Issues Raised by Doing Feminist Research on Non-Feminist Women

Kimberley Fisher
Locating Frames in the Discursive Universe

Anne Opie
Teams as Author: Narrative and Knowledge Creation in case Discussions in Multi-Disciplinary Health Teams

Katie Buston
NUD*IST in Action: Its use and its Usefulness in a Study of Chronic Illness in Young People

G. Coates
Organisation Man - Women and Organisational Culture

Stephen Gorard
Market Forces, Choice and Diversity in Education: The Early Impact

Peter Halfpenny
Situating Simulation in Sociology

Research Note

Brian Rappert
Users and Social Science Research: Policy, Problems and Possibilities

Book Reviews

Research Resources

Books Received


Volume 2, Issue 3, published 30th September, 1997