Udo Kelle, University of Bremen

Udo Kelle holds a master's degree in Psychology and a doctorate in sociology (University of Bremen) and is a senior researcher at the Special Research Centre 186 of the German National Science Foundation at the University of Bremen.

His major theoretical interests concern social research methodology and its philosophical background and the relation of structure and agency in sociological research. In his empirical research about occupational life courses and family formation of young adults, he attempts to integrate quantitative and qualitative methods. His major publications cover the areas of qualitative methodology (Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis, London, Sage, 1995; Empirisch begronndete Theorie-bildung, Weinheim: DSV, 1994) and Rational Actor's theory ('Does the Concept of Bridge Assumptions Bring us Closer to a Nomothetic Social Science?' in Hans Peter Blossfeld and Gerald Prein (editors) Causation, Actors and Empirical Analysis of Social Processes. Bolder, CO: Westview, forthcoming, with Christian Luedemann).

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