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Ulrike Ziemer and Anton Popov

Ulrike Ziemer

Ulrike Ziemer is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Winchester. Her recent publications include the monograph Ethnic Belonging, Gender and Cultural Practices: Youth Identities in Contemporary Russia, (Stuttgart: ibidem Verlag 2011) and an Edited Volume East European Diasporas, Migration and Cosmopolitanism (London: Routledge 2013).

Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Department of Applied Social Studies
The University of Winchester
Sparkford Road, Winchester
SO22 4NR
United Kingdom

Email: Ulrike.Ziemer@winchester.ac.uk

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Anton Popov

Anton Popov joined the School of Languages and Social Sciences of Aston University in 2014 as a Lecture in Sociology and Policy Group. His research interests are in political anthropology (with a particular focus on postsocialist societies); identity and transnationalism; violence, ethnicity and (non-Western forms of) civil society; youth culture; qualitative research methods (ethnography, life story and family history); history and social memory.

United Kingdom

Email: a.popov@aston.ac.uk