Joakim Kulin and Alexander Seymer

Joakim Kulin

Joakim Kulin is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Sociology, Umeå University (Sweden), where he teaches comparative political sociology and quantitative methods. His main research interests involve cross-national comparisons of values and political institutions, attitudes and behaviour. He mainly applies structural equation models, latent class analysis and multilevel modelling to study the interplay between individual-level subjective orientations and contextual characteristics at the country-level. Recently published work can be found in the European Sociological Review.

Umeå universitet
Sociologiska instituionen


Alexander Seymer

Alexander Seymer teaches introductory courses to statistics and research methods at the Department of Sociology, Salzburg University (Austria), the University of Applied Science Salzburg and the Paracelsus Medical University. In his PhD thesis he studied the relationship between values and employment related policy attitudes. His research interest include values, public opinion, welfare states, European integration and methodology.

University Salzburg
Department of Sociology
Rudolfskai 42


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