Volume 18, Issue 4, published 30 Nov 2013

Refereed Articles

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation': Perceptions of Generational Belonging Among the 1958 Cohort
by Jane Elliott

Research on the 'Inside': The Challenges of Conducting Research with Young Offenders
by Nalita James

Student Evaluations of Teaching as 'Fact-Totems': The Case of the UK National Student Survey
by Duna Sabri

Occupational Mobility at Migration - Evidence from Spain
by Mikolaj Stanek and Alberto Veira Ramos

Ideology in Disguise: Place Name Metonyms and the Discourse of Newspaper Headlines
by Jenny Lewin-Jones and Mike Webb

George Herbert Mead on Humans and Other Animals: Social Relations After Human-Animal Studies
by Rhoda Wilkie and Andrew McKinnon

Mobilizing 'Minutemen': Predicting Public Support for Anti-Immigration Activism in the United States
by Matthew Ward

The Chameleon Habitus: Exploring Local Students' Negotiations of Multiple Fields
by Jessica Abrahams and Nicola Ingram

Structure, Agency, Subculture: The CCCS, Resistance Through Rituals, and 'Post-Subcultural' Studies
by Paul Sweetman

Analysing 'Seriousness' in Roller Derby: Speaking Critically with the Serious Leisure Perspective
by Maddie Breeze

Desperately Seeking Certainty? The Case of Asylum Applicants and People Planning an Assisted Suicide in Switzerland
by Naomi Richards and Rebecca Rotter

Special Section: Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: Reflections, Repercussions and Reverberations

Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: Reflections, Repercussions and Reverberations - an Introduction
by Kim Allen, Sumi Hollingworth, Ayo Mansaray and Yvette Taylor

Reflections on a 'Depressing Inevitability'
by Marisa Silvestri

Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots One Year on and an Academic's Unquenched Anger
by Antoine J Rogers

Bodies and Voices: Reflections on 'Collisions, Coalitions and Riotous Subjects: The Riots One Year On'
by Harriet Cooper

Reflections on a Week of Riotous Events: Practising 'Political Listening' and Youth 'Public Sociology'
by Ester McGeeney

The Riots of the Underclass?: Stigmatisation, Mediation and the Government of Poverty and Disadvantage in Neoliberal Britain
by Imogen Tyler

Riots, Restraint and the New Cultural Politics of Wanting
by Tracey Jensen

'Urban Safaris': Looting, Consumption and Exclusion in London 2011
by Emma Casey

Swagger, Ratings and Masculinity: Theorising the Circulation of Social and Cultural Value in Teenage Boys' Digital Peer Networks
by Laura Harvey, Jessica Ringrose and Rosalind Gill

Fox-Trotting the Riot: Slow Rioting in Britain's Inner City
by Lisa Mckenzie

Reporting the Riots: Parenting Culture and the Problem of Authority in Media Analysis of August 2011
by Jennie Bristow

Speaking and Listening: The 2011 English Riots
by Leah Bassel

Book Reviews

Passion and Paranoia by Bloch, Charlotte
Reviewed by Nune Nikoghosyan

The ERASMUS Phenomenon - Symbol of a New European Generation? (Education Beyond Borders Studies in Educational and Academic Mobility and Migration) by Feyen, Benjamin and Krzaklewska, Ewa (eds.)
Reviewed by Alex Seal

A Theory of Fields by Fligstein, Neil and McAdam, Doug
Reviewed by Emre Tarim

What's Wrong with Fat? by Saguy, Abigail C.
Reviewed by Steve Woods

Books received