Volume 18, Issue 3, published 31 Aug 2013

Refereed Articles

'You Are Here': Visual Autobiographies, Cultural-Spatial Positioning, and Resources for Urban Living
by Corinne Squire, Cigdem Esin and Chila Burman

Habitus Disjunctures, Reflexivity and White Working-Class Boys' Conceptions of Status in Learner and Social Identities
by Garth Stahl

Why Sociology Should Use Agent Based Modelling
by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

'It Sounds Unwelcoming, It Sounds Exclusive, but I Think It's Just a Question of Arithmetic Really': The Limits to White People's Anti-Essentialist Perspectives on the Nation
by Charles Leddy-Owen

Picturing Urban Regeneration: A Study of Photographers in Liverpool, UK
by Paul Jones

Outclassed?: Undergraduates' Perceptions of the Competition for Primary Teaching Jobs in England and Wales
by Andrew Morrison

Knowing the Tweeters: Deriving Sociologically Relevant Demographics from Twitter
by Luke Sloan, Jeffrey Morgan, William Housley, Matthew Williams, Adam Edwards, Pete Burnap and Omer Rana

The Dynamics of Impersonal Trust and Distrust in Surveillance Systems
by Darren Ellis, David Harper and Ian Tucker

Sociology Without Frontiers? On the Pleasures and Perils of Interdisciplinary Research
by Alison Pilnick

Reflections on the Process of Researching Disabled People's Sexual Lives
by Kirsty Liddiard

Youth Studies, Housing Transitions and the 'Missing Middle': Time for a Rethink?
by Steven Roberts

Live Art as Urban Praxis: The Political Aesthetics of the City
by Cath Lambert

Rapid Response: Olympics

The London 2012 Legacy for Primary Physical Education: Policy by the Way?
by Gerald Griggs and Gavin Ward

'We Aren't Racing a Fair Race': Rawls, Sen, and the Paralympic Games
by Gareth Martin Thomas and Tim Banks

The Class of London 2012: Some Sociological Reflections on the Social Backgrounds of Team GB Athletes
by Andy Smith, David Haycock and Nicola Hulme

Disability 'Rights' or 'Wrongs'? The Claims of the International Paralympic Committee, the London 2012 Paralympics and Disability Rights in the UK
by Stuart Braye, Tom Gibbons and Kevin Dixon

London 2012 and Environmental Sustainability: A Study Through the Lens of Environmental Sociology
by John Karamichas

The Sustainable Development of the Olympic Games: Critical Connections
by Gregory Borne

Femininity, Childhood and the Non-Making of a Sporting Celebrity: The Beth Tweddle Case
by Rachel Lara Cohen

Book Reviews

Sporting Times (Palgrave Pivot) by Woodward, Kath
Reviewed by Colleen Deane

Researching Amongst Elites by Aguiar, Luis L.M. and Schneider, Christopher J.
Reviewed by Jonathan Dean

Women and Society: The Road to Change by Kolaskar, Ashok S. and Dash, Motilal (eds.)
Reviewed by Rense Nieuwenhuis

Doing Harder Time? by Mann, Natalie
Reviewed by Tanita Maxwell

Researching Non-Heterosexual Sexualities by Phellas, Constantinos N.
Reviewed by Rebecca Barnes

Books received