Heather Mendick, Fiona Cullen, Pam Alldred and Simon Bradford

Heather Mendick

Heather Mendick works as Reader in Education at Brunel University. She is interested in: how people relate to mathematics and science, learning and popular culture, educational identities and aspirations and intersections of class, gender and ethnicity. She is currently collaborating with Kim Allen and Laura Harvey to look at the role of celebrity in young people's aspirations, funded by the ESRC. She is the author of Masculinities in Mathematics (2006, Open University Press), the co-author of Urban Youth and Schooling (2010, Open University Press) and the co-editor of Mathematical Relationships in Education (2009, Routledge) and Debates in Mathematics Education (2013, Routledge). She also blogs irregularly for the Gender and Education Association and CelebYouth websites.

United Kingdom

Email: heathermendick@yahoo.co.uk

Fiona Cullen

Fin Cullen is Lecturer in Youth Work Studies, Brunel University. She is the UK Local Action Coordinator for an international (EU-Daphne funded) project developing training to help educators challenge gender-related violence (http://sites.brunel.ac.uk/gap). Her research interests include feminist youth work, youth policy and girls' friendship cultures.

United Kingdom

Email: Fiona.Cullen@brunel.ac.uk

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Pam Alldred

Pam Alldred is Director of the Centre for Youth Work Studies at Brunel University, researching and teaching on identities and inequalities, particularly around sexuality, gender, class and race. She is Principal Investigator on an international (EU-Daphne funded) project developing training to help educators challenge gender-related violence, including homophobia and transphobia (http://sites.brunel.ac.uk/gap) and a member of the Sex Education editorial board.

United Kingdom

Email: pam.alldred@brunel.ac.uk

Simon Bradford

Simon Bradford is Reader in Social Science in the School of Health Sciences and Social Care at Brunel University. He is the author of Sociology, Youth and Youth Work Practice (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), and co-editor of Research and Research Methods for Youth Practitioners (Routledge, 2012). His main research interests lie in social policy initiatives that affect young people and communities, youth culture, the history and organisation of professional work in the public services (particularly in education services).

Centre for Youth Work Studies
School of Health
United Kingdom

Email: Simon.Bradford@Brunel.ac.uk