Volume 18, Issue 1, published 28 Feb 2013

Refereed General Articles

Views of the Neighbourhood: A Photo-Elicitation Study of the Built Environment
by Victoria D. Alexander

Stillbirth and Loss: Family Practices and Display
by Samantha Murphy and Hilary Thomas

'We Are Watching You Too': Reflections on Doing Visual Research in a Contested City
by Milena Komarova and Martina McKnight

When Charity Does Not Begin at Home: Exploring the British Socioemotional Economy of Compassion
by Ruben Flores

Evaluating Culture: Sociology, Aesthetics and Policy
by Simon Stewart

Defining 'Pimp': Working Towards a Definition in Social Research
by Holly Davis

The Application of Abductive and Retroductive Inference for the Design and Analysis of Theory-Driven Sociological Research
by Samantha B. Meyer and Belinda Lunnay

'Extending the Analytical Lens': A Consideration of the Concepts of 'Care' and 'Intimacy' in Relation to Fathering After Separation or Divorce
by Georgia Philip

Intersectional Plays of Identity: The Experiences of British Asian Female Footballers
by Aarti Ratna

Economies of Recycling, 'Consumption Work' and Divisions of Labour in Sweden and England
by Kathryn Wheeler and Miriam Glucksmann

Worn Shoes: Identity, Memory and Footwear
by Jenny Hockey, Rachel Dilley, Victoria Robinson and Alexandra Sherlock

Goffman Goes to Church: Face-Saving and the Maintenance of Collective Order in Religious Services
by Christopher M. Donnelly and Bradley R.E. Wright

Refereed Special Section

Introduction for Special Section of Sociological Research Online: The Marginalised Mainstream: Making Sense of the 'Missing Middle' of Youth Studies
by Steven Roberts and Robert MacDonald

Education to Work Transitions: How the Old Middle Went Missing and Why the New Middle Remains Elusive
by Kenneth Roberts

Running up a Down-Escalator in the Middle of a Class Structure Gone Pear-Shaped
by Patrick Ainley and Martin Allen

Researching 'Ordinary' Young People in a Changing World: The Sociology of Generations and the 'Missing Middle' in Youth Research
by Dan Woodman

Ordinary Lives: 'Typical Stories' of Girls' Transitions in the 1960s and the 1980s
by John Goodwin and Henrietta O'Connor

Hybrid Qualifications, Institutional Expectations and Youth Transitions: A Case of Swimming with or Against the Tide
by Gayna Davey and Alison Fuller

Young People and School GCSE Attainment: Exploring the 'Middle'
by Roxanne Connelly, Susan J. Murray and Vernon Gayle

Between Edges and Margins: Exploring 'Ordinary' Young People's Experiences of the Everyday Antisocial
by Emma Davidson

Bases, Stages and 'Working Your Way Up': Young People's Talk About Non-Coital Practices and 'Normal' Sexual Trajectories
by Ruth Lewis, Cicely Marston and Kaye Wellings

Book Reviews

Ethnicity and Education in England and Europe (Studies in Migration and Diaspora) by Law, Ian and Swann, Sarah
Reviewed by Richard Gehrmann

Ethnomethodology at Work (Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis) by Rouncefield, Mark and Tolmie, Peter
Reviewed by Jeremy Aroles

Theorizing Intersectionality and Sexuality (Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences) by Taylor, Dr Yvette, Hines, Dr Sally and Casey, Mark E. (eds.)
Reviewed by Kath Browne

Books received