Volume 17, Issue 3, published 31 Aug 2012

Refereed Articles

Ethnic Diversity and European's Generalised Trust: How Inclusive Immigration Policy Can Aid a Positive Association
by Anna Zimdars and Gindo Tampubolon

A Review of Book Reviews: A Sociological Analysis of Reviews of the Edited Book Experience of Abortion
by Edwin van Teijlingen

'I Know Him So Well': Contracting/tual 'Insiderness', and Maintaining Access and Rapport in a Philippine Fishing Community
by Nelson Turgo

Between Political Fad and Political Empowerment: A Critical Evaluation of the National Muslim Women's Advisory Group (NMWAG) and Governmental Processes of Engaging Muslim Women
by Chris Allen and Surinder Guru

Second Generation Identities: The Scottish Diaspora in England
by Murray Stewart Leith and Duncan Sim

Does Female Employment Always Undermine Marriage? Working Wives and Family Stability in Different Contexts of Italian Society
by Lorenzo Todesco

Embodying Gender, Age, Ethnicity and Power in 'the Field': Reflections on Dress and the Presentation of the Self in Research with Older Pakistani Muslims
by Maria Zubair, Wendy Martin and Christina Victor

Using Spoken and Written Qualitative Methods to Explore Children's and Young People's Food and Eating Practices
by Wendy J. Wills

Practice 'in Talk' and Talk 'as Practice': Dish Washing and the Reach of Language
by Lydia Martens

Using Social Media Data Aggregators to Do Social Research
by David Beer

Perils, Precariousness and Pleasures: Middle-Aged Gay Men Negotiating Urban 'Heterospaces'
by Paul Simpson

Motherhood, Medicine & Markets: The Changing Cultural Politics of Postnatal Care Provision
by Maria Zadoroznyj, Cecilia Benoit and Sarah Berry

Time for Class: Undergraduates' and Lecturers' Perceptions on Why Undergraduates Want to Teach
by Andrew Morrison

Refereed Special Section: Young People, Education and Inequality
Guest Edited by Rachel Brooks

Young People, Education and Inequalities: An Introduction
by Rachel Brooks

Feeling Uncomfortable: Young People's Emotional Responses to Neo-Liberal Explanations for Economic Inequality
by Sarah Smart

Conviviality Under the Cosmopolitan Canopy? Social Mixing and Friendships in an Urban Secondary School
by Sumi Hollingworth and Ayo Mansaray

Confronting the Limits of Antiracist and Multicultural Education: White Students' Reflections on Identity and Difference in a Multiethnic Secondary School
by Alice Pettigrew

Beyond a Binary Model of Students' Educational Decision-Making
by Gayna Davey

The Positive Experiences of Openly Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Students in a Christian Sixth Form College
by Mark McCormack

Young People and the Reproduction of Disadvantage Through Transnational Higher Education in Hong Kong
by Johanna Waters and Maggi Leung

Earning Not Learning? An Assessment of Young People in the Jobs Without Training (JWT) Group
by Sue Maguire, Thomas Spielhofer and Sarah Golden

Power, Participation and Privilege - Methodological Lessons from Using Visual Methods in Research with Young People
by Alexandra Allan

Refereed Rapid Response: Recent (2011) Social Unrest in England

The 2011 Summer Riots: Learning from History -Remembering '81
by Diane Frost and Richard Phillips

The English City Riots of 2011, 'Broken Britain' and the Retreat into the Present
by John Flint and Ryan Powell

Book Reviews

Social Problems and Inequality (Solving Social Problems) by Alessio, John C.
Reviewed by Bernadette Gregory

Fitting into Place? by Taylor, Yvette
Reviewed by Jenny Preece

The Rhetoric of Racist Humour by Weaver, Simon
Reviewed by Nune Nikoghosyan

Books received