Volume 17, Issue 2, published 31 May 2012

Refereed General Articles

To Whom God Speaks: Struggles for Authority Through Religious Reflexivity and Performativity Within a Gypsy Pentecostal Church
by Cerasela Voiculescu

A Tale of Two Analyses: The Use of Archived Qualitative Data
by Jo Haynes and Demelza Jones

Legitimising Racism: An Exploration of the Challenges Posed by the Use of Indigeneity Discourses by the Far Right
by Sasha Williams and Ian Law

Elucidating a Cornish Ethnie: The Argument for Mixed Method
by Kerryn Husk

Dimensions and Boundaries: Comparative Analysis of Occupational Structures Using Social Network and Social Interaction Distance Analysis
by Dave Griffiths and Paul S. Lambert

Getting up - Staying Up? - Exploring Trajectories in Household Incomes Between 1992 and 2006
by David Byrne

Debating Empirical Questions on the Internet: Rival Claims About Crowd Sizes of the Glenn Beck/Stewart-Colbert Rallies
by Whitney D. Gunter and Joel Best

Qualitative Secondary Analysis and Social Explanation
by Sarah Irwin and Mandy Winterton

Revisiting the Archives: A Case Study from the History of Geriatric Medicine
by Joanna Bornat, Parvati Raghuram and Leroi Henry

Cosmology and Society: Developing a Bourdieusian Perspective
by Peter Dickens

Deconstructing Explanation by Mechanism
by Hannu Ruonavaara

Social Stratification, Gender and Sport Participation
by Aaron Reeves

Hopes for the Future: Parents' and Children's Narratives of Children's Future Employment Orientations
by Jeni Harden, Kathryn Backett-Milburn, Alice MacLean and Lynn Jamieson

An Empirical Study on Xenophobia in Almeria (Spain)
by Gonzalo Herranz de Rafael

Refereed Special Section: Visualising Changing Landscapes of Work and Labour
Guest Edited by Phillip Mizen and Carol Wolkowitz


Visualising Changing Landscapes of Work and Labour
by Phillip Mizen and Carol Wolkowitz

Section 1: Changing Topographies of Work

Picturing Work in an Industrial Landscape: Visualising Labour, Place and Space
by Tim Strangleman

Flesh and Stone Revisited: The Body Work Landscape of South Florida
by Carol Wolkowitz

Identityscapes of a Hair Salon: Work Identities and the Value of Visual Methods
by Harriet Shortt

Space, Buildings and the Life Worlds of Home-Based Workers: Towards Better Design
by Frances Holliss

Section 2: Topographies of Work in the Global City

Fishmongers in a Global Economy: Craft and Social Relations on a London Market
by Dawn Lyon and Les Back

Latino/a Immigrant Street Vendors in Los Angeles: Photo-Documenting Sidewalks from 'Back-Home'
by Lorena Muņoz

Engaging with a World Outside of Ourselves: Vistas of Flatness, Children's Work and the Urban Informal Economy
by Phillip Mizen and Yaw Ofosu-Kusi

Performing in a Night-Time Leisure Venue: A Visual Analysis of Erotic Dance
by Katy Pilcher


No Way to Make a Living.Net: Exploring the Possibilities of the Web for Visual and Sensory Sociologies of Work
by Lynne Pettinger and Dawn Lyon

Refereed Rapid Response Section: Recent (2011) Social Unrest in England

The 2011 'Riots': Reflections on the Fall and Rise of Community
by Andrew Wallace

Refereed Rapid Response Section: The 'Big Society'

The Neoliberal Phoenix: The Big Society or Business as Usual
by John D. Bone

Book Reviews

On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life by Ahmed, Sara
Reviewed by Andrew Harding

Adventures of an Accidental Sociologist: How to Explain the World Without Becoming a Bore by Berger, Peter L.
Reviewed by Teresa Crew

Interdependency and Care over the Lifecourse (Relationships and Resources) by Bowlby, Sophia, McKie, Linda, Gregory, Susan and Macpherson, Isobel
Reviewed by Valerie G. Eslick

Cultural Hybridity by Burke, Peter
Reviewed by Richard Gehrmann

Doing Visual Research by Mitchell, Claudia
Reviewed by Najam Abbas

Red, Black, and Objective by Restivo, Sal
Reviewed by Steve Hanson

Behind Closed Doors: IRBs and the Making of Ethical Research (Morality and Society Series) by Stark, Laura
Reviewed by Nathan Emmerich

Books received