Volume 17, Issue 1, published 29 Feb 2012

Special Issue: Visual Methods

Introduction to the Special Issue on the Use of Visual Methods in Social Research
by Ross Coomber and Gayle Letherby

Ethical Regulation and Visual Methods: Making Visual Research Impossible or Developing Good Practice?
by Rose Wiles, Amanda Coffey, Judy Robison and Jon Prosser

Community Health Workers Working the Digital Archive: A Case for Looking at Participatory Archiving in Studying Stigma in the Context of HIV and AIDS
by Naydene de Lange and Claudia Mitchell

Looking for Africville - Complementary Visual Constructions of a Contended Space
by Stephen Spencer

Capturing Christmas: The Sensory Potential of Data from Participant Produced Video
by Stewart Muir and Jennifer Mason

The North Laine: A Visual Essay
by Chris Yuill

Conceptualizing the 'Visual Essay' as a Way of Generating and Imparting Sociological Insight: Issues, Formats and Realisations
by Luc Pauwels

Video and a Sense of the Invisible: Approaching Domestic Energy Consumption Through the Sensory Home
by Sarah Pink and Kerstin Leder Mackley

A Video Testimony on Rural Poverty and Social Exclusion
by Eldin Fahmy and Simon Pemberton

Rapid Response: Social Unrest in England

More Than Anarchy in the UK: 'Social Unrest' and its Resurgence in the Madoffized Society
by Lee F. Monaghan and Micheal O'Flynn

Communities, Centres, Connections, Disconnections: Some Reflections on the Riots in Birmingham
by Gargi Bhattacharyya, James Cowles, Steve Garner and Ajmal Hussain

Book Reviews

The Freedom to Be Racist?: How the United States and Europe Struggle to Preserve Freedom and Combat Racism by Bleich, Erik
Reviewed by Karim Murji

Consumer Culture by Lury, Celia
Reviewed by Anna Schneider

Books received