Volume 16, Issue 4, published 2 Dec 2011

Refereed General Articles

Land of My Fathers? Economic Development, Ethnic Division and Ethnic National Identity in 32 Countries
by Robert Ford, James Tilley and Anthony Heath

In Testing Times: Conducting an Ethnographic Study of UK Animal Rights Protesters
by Andrew Upton

'They Eat Potatoes, I Eat Rice': Symbolic Boundary Making and Space in Neighbour Relations
by Gwen van Eijk

Governing Low Profile Issues: A Frame Analysis of Drug Addiction in a Local Setting
by Dragana Svraka and Ringo Ossewaarde

Identifying the Third Agers: An Analysis of British Retirees' Leisure Pursuits
by Stella Chatzitheochari and Sara Arber

"Aye, but It Were Wasted on Thee": Cricket, British Asians, Ethnic Identities, and the 'Magical Recovery of Community'
by Thomas Fletcher

Socio-Cultural Risk? Reporting on a Qualitative Study with Female Street-Based Sex Workers
by Mary Leaker and Priscilla Dunk-West

Placing Research: 'City Publics' and the 'Public Sociologist'
by Yvette Taylor and Michelle Addison

A Comparative Analysis of Inequality in Health Across Europe
by Sara Della Bella, Simone Sarti, Mario Lucchini and Mara Tognetti Bordogna

Refereed Special Section: Critical Concepts - Families, Intimacies and Personal Relationships
Guest Editors: Jacqui Gabb and Elizabeth Silva

Introduction to Critical Concepts: Families, Intimacies and Personal Relationships
by Jacqui Gabb and Elizabeth B. Silva

From Function to Competence: Engaging with the New Politics of Family
by Val Gillies

Lost in Transnationalism: Unraveling the Conceptualisation of Families and Personal Life Through a Transnational Gaze
by Sue Heath, Derek McGhee and Paulina Trevena

Personal Life, Pragmatism and Bricolage
by Simon Duncan

Family Lives and Relational Living: Taking Account of Otherness
by Jacqui Gabb

Intimacy as a Concept: Explaining Social Change in the Context of Globalisation or Another Form of Ethnocentricism?
by Lynn Jamieson

Figuring Families: Generation, Situation and Narrative in Contemporary Mothering
by Mary Jane Kehily and Rachel Thomson

Refereed Rapid Response Section: Recent Social Unrest In England

Locating 'Family Practices'
by David H. G. Morgan

Consumer Culture and the 2011 'Riots'
by David Moxon

Social Protest in 2011: Material and Cultural Aspects of Economic Inequalities
by Chris Grover

King Mob: Perceptions, Prescriptions and Presumptions About the Policing of England's Riots
by Hugo Gorringe and Michael Rosie

The Mediated Crowd: New Social Media and New Forms of Rioting
by Stephanie Alice Baker

Veblen in the (Inner) City: On the Normality of Looting
by Matthias Zick Varul

Race, Rumours and Riots: Past, Present and Future
by John Solomos

Underlying the Riots: The Invisible Politics of Class
by Graham Scambler and Annette Scambler

Riot: Race and Politics in the 2011 Disorders
by Karim Murji and Sarah Neal

Book Reviews

Welfare (Key Concepts Series) by Daly, Mary
Reviewed by Nate Breznau

Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists by Dorling, Daniel
Reviewed by Tracy Shildrick

"Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers by Janesick, Valerie J.
Reviewed by Najam Abbas

Books received