Yvette Taylor and Michelle Addison

Yvette Taylor

Yvette Taylor's publications include Working-Class Lesbian Life: Classed Outsiders (Palgrave, 2007), Lesbian and Gay Parenting: Securing Social and Educational Capitals (Palgrave, 2009), and Fitting Into Place? Class and Gender Geographies and Temporalities (Ashgate, 2012). Edited collections include Classed Intersections: Spaces, Selves, Knowledges (Ashgate, 2010), Educational Diversity (Palgrave, 2012) and (with S Hines and M Casey) Theorizing Intersectionality and Sexuality (Palgrave, 2010). Yvette has held Fellowships at Concordia University (2009) and Rutgers University (2010-11) and is currently working on an ESRC standard grant 'Making space for queer identifying religious youth' (http://queerreligiousyouth.wordpress.com/)

Head of the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road
London, SE1 OAA
United Kingdom

Email: taylory@lsbu.ac.uk

Michelle Addison

Michelle Addison is an ESRC funded PhD student at Newcastle University; her research explores the classed and gendered contours of employee's workplace experiences as they come to be mediated, expressed and realised through emotion. Michelle has co-edited the 2010 and 2011 Special Issue of the Journal of International Women's Studies and is on the Executive Committee of the Feminist and Women's Studies Association. Michelle's publications include 'Knowing your way within and across classed spaces: The (re)making and undoing of identities of value in Higher Education in the UK' in Taylor, Y. (ed.) (2012) Educational Diversity: The subject of Difference and Different Subjects and (with Y Taylor) '(Re) constituting the past, (Re)branding the present and (Re)imagining the future: Young women's spatial negotiation of gender and class' Journal of Youth Studies, Special Issue Young People, Class and Space 2009,12(5): 563-578

United Kingdom

Email: Michel.Addison1@newcastle.ac.uk