Volume 16, Issue 2, published 6 Jun 2011

Peer Reviewed Articles

The Biographical Illumination: A Bourdieusian Analysis of the Role of Theory in Educational Research
by Ciaran Thomas Burke

Power and Resistance: A Case Study of Satire on the Internet
by Lijun Tang and Syamantak Bhattacharya

Fees, Funding and Overseas Study: Mobile UK Students and Educational Inequalities
by Rachel Brooks and Johanna Waters

Stories from Brixton: Gentrification and Different Differences
by George Mavrommatis

Ethnographic Intimacy: Thinking Through the Ethics of Social Research in Sex Worlds
by Maria Pérez-y-Pérez and Tony Stanley

Regulating Social Research: Exploring the Implications of Extending Ethical Review Procedures in Social Research
by Margaret Melrose

Recent Methodological Opportunities in Online Hypermedia: A Case Study of Photojournalism in Singapore
by Terence Heng

Peer Reviewed Special Section - Food: Representations and Meanings
Guest Edited by Wendy Wills

Introduction to Food: Representations and Meanings
by Wendy Wills

Conceptualising Food as Death: A Radical Environmentalist Politics of Food
by Julie van Kemenade

Organic Hummus in Israel: Global and Local Ingredients and Images
by Rafi Grosglik

'A Slice of Life': Food Narratives and Menus from Mass-Observers in 1982 and 1945
by Sarah Nettleton and Emma Uprichard

Saints and Slackers: Challenging Discourses About the Decline of Domestic Cooking
by Angela Meah and Matt Watson

'If You're Not Allowed to Have Rice, What Do You Have with Your Curry?': Nostalgia and Tradition in Low-Carbohydrate Diet Discourse and Practice
by Christine Knight

The Subject of Functional Foods: Accounts of Using Foods Containing Phytosterols
by Kate Weiner

The Rise and Fall of the Jumbo Breakfast Roll: How a Sandwich Survived the Decline of the Irish Economy
by Perry Share

Peer Reviewed Rapid Response Section: The 'Big' Society

Responsibility and the Big Society
by Antje Bednarek

Liberty, National Security and the Big Society
by Alison Green, Nick Johns and Mark Rix

'The Big Society' Fact or Fiction? - a Sociological Critique
by Paul Ransome

Book Reviews

Social Theory in the Twentieth Century and Beyond by Baert, Patrick and Silva, Filipe Carreira da
Reviewed by Bernhard Forchtner

The State in Africa by Bayart, JeanFrancois
Reviewed by Lincoln J. Fry

EcoStandards, Product Labelling and Green Consumerism (Consumption and Public Life) by Boström, Dr Magnus
Reviewed by Tanya Wyatt

Faith, Public Policy and Civil Society: Policies, Problems and Concepts in Faith-Based Public Action by Dinham, Adam
Reviewed by Eddy Hogg

Being Interprofessional by Hammick, Marilyn, Freeth, Della S., Goodsman, Dane and Copperman, Jeanette
Reviewed by Rick Hood

Where We Live Now: Immigration and Race in the United States by Iceland, J
Reviewed by Marilyne Brun

Identifying Citizens by Lyon, David
Reviewed by Thorsten Nieberg

Habermas by Outhwaite, William
Reviewed by Jordan Mckenzie

New Racism: Revisiting Researcher Accountabilities by Romm, Norma
Reviewed by Carole Truman

Books received