Volume 16, Issue 1, published 28 Feb 2011

Refereed General Articles

Reflections on Doing Research Grounded in My Experience of Perinatal Loss: From Auto/biography to Autoethnography
by Deborah Davidson

The Importance of Health in Promoting Employability in the East Midlands
by Vanessa Beck and Martin Quinn

Gold Dreams, Gold Nightmares: The Social Construction of Inflation as Delegitimation Discourse
by Adam Rafalovich

Woolworths and Wales: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of the Loss of a Local Brand
by Robin James Smith, Jesse Heley and Ian Stafford

Mapping the Social Organization of Labour in Moscow: Beyond the Formal/informal Labour Dualism
by Colin C. Williams, Sara Nadin, Peter Rodgers, John Round and Jan Windebank

Cognitive Structure of Social Mobility: Moral Sentiments and Hidden Injuries of Class
by Yi-Lee Wong

A Temporal Comparison of the Effects of Unemployment and Job Insecurity on Wellbeing
by Brendan Burchell

Creating a Sexual Self in Heteronormative Space: Integrations and Imperatives Amongst Spiritual Seekers at the Findhorn Community
by Elizabeth Dinnie and Kath Browne

Refereed Special Section: Friendship and Emotions
Guest Edited by Mary Holmes and Silvana Greco

Introduction: Friendship and Emotions
by Mary Holmes and Silvana Greco

Commentary: Friendships and Emotions
by Graham Allen

Social Relationships and Trust in Asylum Seeking Families in Sweden
by Ulla Björnberg

Friendship and Social Emotions in Young Adult Finns' Drinking Diaries
by Jukka Törrönen and Antti Maunu

Friendship Dynamics Between Emotions and Trials
by Paola Rebughini

On Friendship, Equality and Introductions: Comparing English and German Regimes of Manners and Emotions
by Cas Wouters

Emotional Reflexivity in Contemporary Friendships: Understanding It Using Elias and Facebook Etiquette
by Mary Holmes

Ana's Friends. Friendship in Online Pro-Ana Communities
by Natàlia Cantó-Milà and Swen Seebach

Book Reviews

Imprisoning Communities: How Mass Incarceration Makes Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Worse (Studies in Crime and Public Policy) by Clear, Todd R
Reviewed by Basak Tanulku

The Global Politics of Health by Davies, Sara
Reviewed by Dev Acharya

The End of Multiculturalism?: Terrorism, Integration and Human Rights by Mcghee, Derek
Reviewed by Leon Moosavi

The Music Industry: Music in the Cloud (DMS Digital Media and Society) by Wikström, Patrik
Reviewed by Richard Mills

Books received