Volume 15, Issue 4, published 30 Nov 2010

Peer Reviewed Articles

Governing Through Standards: Networks, Failure and Auditing
by Dale Spencer

Class, Individualisation and Perceived (Dis)advantages: Not Either/Or but Both/And?
by Will Atkinson

Developing Email Interview Practices in Qualitative Research
by Edgar Burns

Innovation and Reduction in Contemporary Qualitative Methods: The Case of Conceptual Coupling, Activity-Type Pairs and Auto-Ethnography
by William Housley and Robin Smith

'I' and 'We' Identities – an Eliasian Perspective on Lesbian and Gay Identities'
by Allison Moore

Tensions in Young People's Conceptualisation and Practice of Politics
by Nathan Manning

Peer Reviewed Special Section: Changing Parenting Culture

Introduction: 'Changing Parenting Culture'
by Charlotte Faircloth and Ellie Lee

Researching Barriers to Cultural Change for Those in Loco Parentis
by Heather Piper and Pat Sikes

Under the Influence? The Construction of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in UK Newspapers
by Pam Lowe, Ellie Lee and Liz Yardley

'What Science Says is Best': Parenting Practices, Scientific Authority and Maternal Identity
by Charlotte Faircloth

Understanding the Significance of the Teenage Mother in Contemporary Parenting Culture
by Jan Macvarish

Debate Section: ESRC's Framework for Research Ethics 2010

The ESRC's 2010 Framework for Research Ethics: Fit for Research Purpose?
by Liz Stanley and Sue Wise

Research Ethics Committees (RECs) and the Creaking Piers of Peer Review
by John Holmwood

The Spectre of Research Ethics and Governance and the ESRC's 2010 FRE: Nowhere Left to Hide?
by Kate Reed

Creeping Ethical Regulation and the Strangling of Research
by Martyn Hammersley

Ethics in Online Research; Evaluating the ESRC Framework for Research Ethics Categorisation of Risk
by Kate Orton-Johnson

The Risks of Assessing Ethical Risks
by Michael Rustin

Debate Section: Climate Change

Sociology Still Lagging on Climate Change
by Constance Lever-Tracy

Book Reviews

Conspiracy Panics by Bratich, Jack Z.
Reviewed by Türkay S. Nefes

Religion and Youth (Theology and Religion in Interdisciplinary Perspective Series in Association with the BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group) by Collins-Mayo, Sylvia and Dandelion, Pink
Reviewed by Sarah-Jane Page

After the Car by Dennis, Kingsley and Urry, John
Reviewed by Basak Tanulku

Politics of Climate Change by Giddens, Anthony
Reviewed by Michael Scott

Europe: The Faltering Project by Habermas, Jürgen
Reviewed by Jordan McKenzie

Irregular Migration in Europe (Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series) by Triandafyllidou, Anna
Reviewed by Lincoln J. Fry

The Sociology of Work: Structures and Inequalities by Vallas, Steven P., Finlay, William and Wharton, Amy S.
Reviewed by Ciaran Burke

Books received