Volume 15, Issue 2, published May 2010

Refereed Articles

Retirement: Institutional Pathways and Individual Trajectories in Britain and Germany
by Anette E. Fasang

Social Mobility and Social Inequality: The Ambivalence of the Middle Class
by Yi-Lee Wong

Social Security Policy and Vindictiveness
by Chris Grover

Researcher-Led Development of E-Research in the Social Sciences: The Case of an E-Social Science Pilot Demonstrator Project
by Bridgette Wessels and Max Craglia

Empowering or Disempowering? Online Support Among Seafarer-Partners
by Lijun Tang

'My Bed or Our Bed?': Gendered Negotiations in the Sleep of Same-Sex Couples
by Allison Kirkman

The Meanings of Communion: Anglican Identities, the Sexuality Debates, and Christian Relationality
by Robert M. Vanderbeck, Gill Valentine, Kevin Ward, Joanna Sadgrove and Johan Andersson

"If I Shut My Eyes, I Cannot Hear You'': The Regulation of Parent and Adolescent Communication About Sexual Practices and Identities in the Family Context
by Sharon Elley

Refereed Special Section: Epistemic Communities
Guest edited by Morgan Meyer and Susan Molyneux-Hodgson

Introduction: The Dynamics of Epistemic Communities
by Morgan Meyer and Susan Molyneux-Hodgson

From Comunities of Practice to Epistemic Communities: Health Mobilizations on the Internet
by Madeleine Akrich

Caring for Weak Ties - the Natural History Museum as a Place of Encounter Between Amateur and Professional Science
by Morgan Meyer

Epistemic Communities Facing a New Type of Agora? Centres of Science, Technology and Innovation as Defining the New Research Landscape in Finland
by Seppo Poutanen and Anne Kovalainen

Possibilities of Enacting and Researching Epistemic Communities
by Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer

Let's Get Organised: Practicing and Valuing Scientific Work Inside and Outside the Laboratory
by Lisa Garforth and Anne Kerr

Book Reviews

Mundane Heterosexualities: From Theory to Practices by Hockey, Jenny, Meah, Angela and Robinson, Victoria
Reviewed by Yiu Tung Suen

Children of International Migrants in Europe: Comparative Perspectives by Penn, Professor Roger and Lambert, Dr Paul
Reviewed by Pratik Adhikary

The Competent Public Sphere by Roberts, John Michael
Reviewed by Ewa Sadurska

Books received