Volume 14, Issue 5, published 30/11/2009

Peer Reviewed Articles

Explaining the Health Gap Experienced by Girls and Women in Canada: A Social Determinants of Health Perspective
by Cecilia Benoit, Leah Shumka, Kate Vallance, Helga Hallgrimsdottir, Rachel Phillips, Karen Kobayashi, Olena Hankivsky, Colleen Reid and Elana Brief

Using Mead's Theory of Emergence as a Framework for Sociological Inquiry into Pre-Service Teacher Education
by Jeanne Allen, Mark Sinclair and Richard Smith

Archiving from Below: The Case of the Mobilised Hawkers in Calcutta
by Ritajyoti Bandyopadhyay

A Membership Categorization Analysis of the Waco Siege: Perpetrator-Victim Identity as a Moral Discrepancy Device for 'Doing' Subversion
by Jonathan Clifton

Pillars of Trust: An Experimental Study on Reputation and Its Effects
by Riccardo Boero, Giangiacomo Bravo, Marco Castellani, Francesco Laganā and Flaminio Squazzoni

What a Difference a Death Makes: Protest, Policing and the Press at the G20
by Michael Rosie and Hugo Gorringe

Revisiting the 2001 Riots: New Labour and the Rise of 'Colour Blind Racism'
by James Rhodes

Part-Time Work and Activity in Voluntary Associations in Great Britain
by Daiga Kamerāde

Jade's Dying Body: The Ultimate Reality Show
by Tony Walter

Special Section: Big structures, large processes, huge comparisons: Narratives and stories from minor to major (Peer Reviewed)

Guest edited by Liz Stanley

Introduction: Narratives from Major to Minor: On resisting binaries in favour of joined up thinking
by Liz Stanley

Processes and events

Apocalypse in the Long Run: Reflections on Huge Comparisons in the Study of Modernity
by John R. Hall

Problems, Crises, Events and Social Change: Theory and Illustrations
by Constance A. Nathanson

Interaction spheres & research stories

The Origins of Modern Nationalism in the North Atlantic Interaction Sphere
by Jonathan Hearn

The Number of the South African War (1899-1902) Concentration Camp Dead: Standard Stories, Superior Stories and a Forgotten Proto-Nationalist Research Investigation
by Liz Stanley and Helen Dampier

War stories, memory & narratives of selves

Fast Girls, Foreigners and GIs: An Exploration of the Discursive Strategies Through Which the Status of Pre-Marital (Hetero)sexual Ignorance and Restraint Was Upheld During the Second World War
by Jenny Hockey, Angela Meah and Victoria Robinson

Trans-Generational Memory: Narratives of World Wars in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland
by Tomoko Sakai

Remaking narrative knowing & knowledges

Illness Narratives Revisited: The Failure of Narrative Reductionism
by Paul Atkinson

Narrative Foundations of Knowing: Towards a New Perspective in the Sociology of Knowledge
by Anna Borisenkova

Authenticity and textual claims

Neopagan Narratives: Knowledge Claims and Other World 'Realities'
by Sara Delamont

Big Punning, Large Troping and Huge Riddling: Why and How Macbeth and Other Narrative Texts Are Important and How to Deal with Them
by Joseph Maslen

Futures, uncertainties and stories

Futures Narratives, Possible Worlds, Big Stories: Causal Layered Analysis and the Problems of Youth
by Cate Watson

Tilly's Technical Accounts and Standard Stories Explored in Financial Markets: The Case of the Istanbul Stock Exchange
by Emre Tarim

Historical times & social relations

The Age of Grief in the Time of Talk
by Julie Brownlie

Narratives of Health Protection in Families with a Late-Onset Kidney Disease: Re-Defining Governmentality and Responsibility for Health in the Era of the 'New' Genetics
by Lucy Brindle

Charles Tilly: An Appreciation

Charles Tilly: Connecting Large Scale Social Change and Personal Narrative
by Ernesto Castaņeda

Book Reviews

Coming of Age in Times of Uncertainty: Redefining Contemporary Adulthood by Blatterer, Harry
Reviewed by Andy King

Youth Cultures: Scenes, Subcultures and Tribes (Routledge Advances in Sociology) by Hodkinson, Paul and Deicke, Wolfgang
Reviewed by Samantha Holland

Youth (Key Concepts) by Jones, Gill
Reviewed by Najam Abbas

Books received