Volume 14, Issue 4, published 31/8/2009

Research Note Article

Researching 'Care' in and Around the Workplace
by Andrew Smith and Linda McKie

Peer Reviewed Articles

'Their Risks Are My Risks': On Shared Risk Epistemologies, Including Altruistic Fear for Companion Animals
by Kevin Walby and Aaron Doyle

Blurring Public and Private Sociology: Challenging an Artificial Division
by Kate Butler

Work as Community: Narratives of Solidarity and Teamwork in the Contemporary Workplace, Who Owns Them?
by Gillian Vogl

Modes of Individualisation at Cemeteries
by Raf Vanderstraeten

Analysing an Advertising Campaign: Towards an Integrated Cultural-Industrial Analysis
by Neil O'Boyle

Through the Interviewer's Lens: Representations of 1960s Households and Families in a Lost Sociological Study
by John Goodwin and Henrietta O'Connor

Making Use of Audio Diaries in Research with Young People: Examining Narrative, Participation and Audience
by Nancy Worth

Rapid Response: The Current Financial Crisis/'Credit Crunch' (Peer Reviewed)

'The Callous Credit Nexus': Ideology and Compulsion in the Crisis of Neoliberalism
by Alex Law

Debate Section - Global Social Inquiry: The Challenge of Listening (Peer Reviewed

Introduction – Global Social Inquiry: The Challenge of Listening
by Gurminder K. Bhambra

Sociological Futures: From Clock Time to Event Time
by Lisa Adkins

The Challenge of Global Social Inquiry
by John Holmwood

Global Attentiveness and the Sociological Ear
by Les Back

Modernity Coloniality and Visibility: The Politics of Time
by Rolando Vázquez

Book Reviews

Health, Emotion and the Body by Bendelow, Gillian
Reviewed by Paul Whybrow

Public Sociology: Fifteen Eminent Sociologists Debate Politics and the Profession in the Twenty-First Century by Clawson, Dan (Editor)
Reviewed by Alex Law

Globalization in Question by Hirst, Paul, Thompson, Grahame and Bromley, Simon
Reviewed by Jonathan H. Westover

SPSS for Social Scientists by Miller, Robert, Acton, Ciaran, Fullerton, Deirdre and Maltby, John
Reviewed by Willis Odek

Books received