Volume 14, Issue 2/3, published 31/5/2009

Peer Reviewed Articles

Transforming Masculinist Political Cultures? Doing Politics in New Political Institutions
by Stephanie Jones, Nickie Charles and Charlotte Aull Davies

Solo-Living, Demographic and Family Change: The Need to Know More About Men
by Lynn Jamieson, Fran Wasoff and Roona Simpson

Rethinking the Social Construction of Technology Through 'Following the Actors': A Reappraisal of Technological Frames
by Christina Prell

Celebrity Gossip and the New Melodramatic Imagination
by David Beer and Ruth Penfold-Mounce

'You Don't Know How Lucky You Are to Be Here!': Reflections on Covert Practices in an Overt Participant Observation Study
by John S. McKenzie

Revisiting a Moral Panic: Ascetic Protestantism, Attitudes to Alcohol and the Implementation of the Licensing Act 2003
by Henry Yeomans

Reading Foucault: Genealogy and Social Science Research Methodology and Ethics
by Wendy Bastalich

Rapid Response Section: The Current Financial Crisis/'Credit Crunch' (Peer Reviewed)

Introduction to the Rapid Response on the Current Financial Crisis/'Credit Crunch'
by Ross Coomber and Gayle Letherby

Sport in a Credit Crunched Consumer Culture
by John D. Horne

New Divisions of Labour?: Comparative Thoughts on the Current Recession
by Graham Crow, Peter Hatton, Dawn Lyon and Tim Strangleman

The Credit Crunch and the High Street: 'Coming Like a Ghost Town'
by Chris Yuill

The Credit Crunch: Neo-Liberalism, Financialisation and the Gekkoisation of Society
by John D. Bone

Migration and Recession: Polish Migrants in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland
by Torben Krings, Alicja Bobek, Elaine Moriarty, Justyna Salamonska and James Wickham

Book Reviews

The Politics of Cultural Work by Banks, Mark
Reviewed by Vikki McCall

Youth in Transition: In Eastern Europe and the West by K, Roberts
Reviewed by Alena Vasianovich

Irish Children and Teenagers in a Changing World: The National Write Here, Write Now Project by O'Connor, Pat
Reviewed by Alexandra Cox

A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Qualitative Research (Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books) by Silverman, David
Reviewed by Alison Woodward

Books received