Volume 12, Issue 5, published 30/9/2007

Peer Reviewed Articles

Social Capital and Community Building Through the Internet: a Swedish Case Study in a Disadvantaged Suburban Area
by Sara Ferlander and Duncan Timms

Textual Interaction as Sexual Interaction: Sexuality And/in the Online Interview
by Danny Beusch

Inequality Within the Family: Cases of Selective Parents in Post-War Hong Kong
by Yi-Lee Wong

Is Social Mobility an Echo of Educational Mobility? Parents' Educations and Occupations and Their Children's Occupational Attainment
by Richard Lampard

Sociology And, of and in Web 2.0: Some Initial Considerations
by David Beer and Roger Burrows

Debate Article

Bureaucracy and Beyond: the Impact of Ethics and Governance Procedures on Health Research in the Social Sciences
by Kate Reed

Special Section: Gender, Sleep and the Life Course - A Sociological Approach (Peer Reviewed)
Guest Edited by Sara Arber, Jenny Hislop and Simon Williams

Editors' Introduction: Gender, Sleep and the Life Course
by Sara Arber, Jenny Hislop and Simon Williams

Power, Ideology and Resources Within Families: a Theoretical Context for Empirical Research on Sleep
by Jan Pahl

Are Children Getting Enough Sleep? Implications for Parents
by Luci Wiggs

Embodying and Embedding Children's Sleep: Some Sociological Comments and Observations
by Simon Williams, Pam Lowe and Frances Griffiths

The Sleeping Lives of Children and Teenagers: Night-Worlds and Arenas of Action
by Jo Moran-Ellis and Susan Venn

A Bed of Roses or a Bed of Thorns? Negotiating the Couple Relationship Through Sleep
by Jenny Hislop

'It's Okay for a Man to Snore': the Influence of Gender on Sleep Disruption in Couples
by Susan Venn

Who Are You Sleeping With? the Construction of Heteronormativity in Stories About Sleep in British Newspapers
by Pam Lowe, Sharon Boden, Simon Williams, Clive Seale and Deborah Steinberg

Gender Roles and Women's Sleep in Mid and Later Life: a Quantitative Approach
by Sara Arber, Jenny Hislop, Marcos Bote and Robert Meadows

Caring and Sleep Disruption Among Women in Italy
by Emanuela Bianchera and Sara Arber

Theorising Sleep Practices and Later Life: Moving to Sheltered Housing
by Eileen Fairhurst

The Meanings of Sleep: Stories from Older Women in Care
by Brooke Davis, Bernadette Hood and Dorothy Bruck

The Social Significance of Sleep for Older People with Dementia in the Context of Care
by Wendy Martin and Helen Bartlett

Book Reviews

Online News: Journalism and the Internet by Allan, Stuart
Reviewed by Frank McMahon

The Devil Behind the Mirror: Globalization and Politics in the Dominican Republic by Gregory, Steven
Reviewed by Jonathan Westover

Books received