Edwin van Teijlingen, Jennifer Reid, Janet Shucksmith, Fiona Harris, Kate Philip, Mari Imamura, Janet Tucker and Gillian Penney

Edwin van Teijlingen

Edwin van Teijlingen is a medical sociologist at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), where he is Reader in Public Health. He has wide-ranging research interests in social and culture aspects of health care, particularly in the area of reproductive health. He is currently book review editor of Sociological Research Online.

Department of Public Health & Dugald Baird Centre for Research on Women's Health
Medical School
Scotland, UK
AB25 2ZD
United Kingdom

Email: van.teijlingen@abdn.ac.uk

Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid is a BSc Health Sciences graduate, currently at the University of Aberdeen following a teacher training programme.

United Kingdom

Janet Shucksmith

Janet Shucksmith is Professor in Public Health in the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Teesside. Her principal research interests focus on children's and young people's health and wellbeing, family issues and collaborative working to improve children's services

United Kingdom

Fiona Harris

Fiona Harris is a social anthropologist who is a research fellow in the Cancer Care Research Centre, University of Stirling. Her research interests include religion and ritual in Malaysia and health research in Scotland - particularly in the areas of cancer and palliative care.

United Kingdom

Kate Philip

Kate Philip is sociologist, currently employed as a Senior Research Fellow with the Rowan Group (School of Education, University of Aberdeen). Her research interests are in the fields of young people and wellbeing including social relationships, sexual health and mental health issues. She has undertaken research in the field of youth interventions, particularly on youth mentoring.

United Kingdom

Mari Imamura

Mari Imamura is a research fellow for IMMPACT, Department of Public Health, University of Aberdeen. She completed her PhD in Sociology and English examining language attitudes of primary schools teachers utilising both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Prior to her PhD research she was a teacher in a secondary school in Japan.

United Kingdom

Janet Tucker

Janet Tucker is a senior research fellow in Reproductive Health in the Dugald Baird Centre for Research on Women's Health. She has a background in epidemiology and public health and specific interest in teenage sexual health.

United Kingdom

Gillian Penney

Gillian Penney is an obstetrician and researcher in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Aberdeen. She is also the national co-ordinator of the Scottish Programme for Clinical Effectiveness in Reproductive Health (SPCERH), Edinburgh.

United Kingdom