Volume 12, Issue 2, published 26/3/2007

Peer Reviewed Articles

Embarrassment as a Key Emotion in Young People Talking About Sexual Health
by Edwin van Teijlingen, Jennifer Reid, Janet Shucksmith, Fiona Harris, Kate Philip, Mari Imamura, Janet Tucker and Gillian Penney

Narrating Ambivalence of Maternal Responsibility
by Eija Sevón

Accessing Socially Excluded People - Trust and the Gatekeeper in the Researcher-Participant Relationship
by Nick Emmel, Kahryn Hughes, Joanne Greenhalgh and Adam Sales

Unpacking Professional Trust - Dimensions of Trust in Swedish Auditors' Client Relations
by Bengt Larsson

Special Section: Politics, Responsibility and Risk (Peer Reviewed)
Guest Edited by Elizabeth Ettorre and Alison Anderson

Politics, Responsibility and Risk: Editorial Introduction
by Elizabeth Ettorre and Alison Anderson

Informed Consent and the Research Process: Following Rules or Striking Balances?
by Rose Wiles, Graham Crow, Vikki Charles and Sue Heath

Sites of Memory or Aids to Multiculturalism? Conflicting Uses of Jewish Heritage Sites
by David Clark

The Politics of Environmental Activism: A Case Study of the Cruise Industry and the Environmental Movement by Ross Klein
by Ross A. Klein

Politics, Responsibility and Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
by Jo Woodiwiss

The Body As Weapon: Bobby Sands and the Republican Hunger Strikes.
by Chris Yuill

'I Love You to the Bones': Constructing the Anorexic Body in 'Pro-Ana' Message Boards
by Katie J. Ward

Book Reviews

Becoming a Citizen: Incorporating Immigrants and Refugees in the United States and Canada by Bloemraad, Irene
Reviewed by Cristina Flesher Fominaya

Maintaining the Momentum: Promoting Life Chances Through the Early Years and Beyond by Delorenzi, Simone
Reviewed by Jean Charles Lagrée

Sibling Identity and Relationships (Relationships and Resources S.) by Hadfield, Lucy, Lucey, Helen, Mauthner, Melanie L. and Edwards, Rosalind
Reviewed by Yvette Taylor

The Moral Significance of Class by Sayer, Andrew
Reviewed by Jody Mellor

Social Security and Welfare: Concepts and Comparisons (Introducing Social Policy) by Walker, Robert
Reviewed by Vida Cesnuityte