Volume 11, Issue 3, published 30/9/2006

Peer Reviewed Articles

The Time Economy of Parenting
by Anne Gray

Questioning the Subject in Biographical Interviewing
by Jennifer Harding

Technological Citizenship: Perspectives in the Recent Work of Manuel Castells and Paul Virilio
by Nick Stevenson

Rapid Response (Peer Reviewed)

The Pop-Pickers Have Picked Decentralised Media: the Fall of Top of the Pops and the Rise of the Second Media Age
by David Beer


'Betty Friedan: a Tribute'
by Melissa Dearey

Special Section: Intimacy beyond the Family (Peer Reviewed)
Guest Edited by Lynn Jamieson, David Morgan, Graham Crow and Graham Allan

Introduction: Friends, Neighbours and Distant Partners: Extending or Decentring Family Relationships?
by Lynn Jamieson, David Morgan, Graham Crow and Graham Allan

Friendship and Formations of Sociality in Late Modernity: the Challenge of 'Post Traditional Intimacy'
by Shelley Budgeon

Neighbourliness and Privacy on a Low Income Estate
by Isabella Boyce

Love Lives at a Distance: Distance Relationships over the Lifecourse
by Mary Holmes

What is 'the Problem' of Singleness?
by Jan Macvarish

Friendship or Facilitation: People with Learning Disabilities and Their Paid Carers
by Rebecca Pockney

Patterns in the Telling: Single Women's Intimate Relationships with Men
by Jill Reynolds

On Not Living with a Partner: Unpicking Coupledom and Cohabitation
by Sasha Roseneil

The Intimate Relationships of Contemporary Spinsters
by Roona Simpson

Public Intimacy in Neighbour Relationships and Complaints
by Elizabeth Stokoe

Book Reviews

The Globalization of Sexuality by Binnie, Jon
Reviewed by Michael Gard

Science, Culture, and Society: Understanding Science in the Twenty-First Century by Erickson, Mark
Reviewed by Victoria Simpson

A Companion to Qualitative Research by Flick, Uwe; Ernst von Kardorff and Ines Steinke (Editors)
Reviewed by Will Gibson

Hard Labour: the Sociology of Parenthood by Gatrell, Caroline
Reviewed by Sarah Earle

Corruption : Anthropological Perspectives (Anthropology, Culture and Society) by Haller, Dieter and Shore, Cris (Editors)
Reviewed by John David Granger

Risk and Everyday Life by Tulloch, John and Deborah Lupton
Reviewed by Emma Pitchforth

Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis: a Comparative and Critical Introduction by Wooffitt, Robin
Reviewed by Brian Torode

Books received