Volume 11, Issue 2, published 30/6/2006

Peer Reviewed Articles

To Buy or Not to Buy: Family Dynamics and Children's Consumption
by Julie Evans and Joan Chandler

Access Grid Nodes in Field Research
by Nigel Fielding and Maria Macintyre

Configurations of Care Work: Paid and Unpaid Elder Care in Italy and the Netherlands
by Miriam Glucksmann and Dawn Lyon

Research Identities: Reflections of a Contract Researcher
by Jackie Goode

Special Section: Families, Intimacy and Social Change (Peer Reviewed)
Guest Edited by Alison Anderson and Elizabeth Ettorre

Families, Intimacy and Social Change: Editorial Introduction
by Alison Anderson and Elizabeth Ettorre

Social Change and the Family
by Chris Harris, Nickie Charles and Charlotte Davies

'Doing What is Right': Researching Intimacy, Work and Family Life in Glasgow, 1945-1960
by Sue Innes and Linda McKie

Sociological Work on Violence: Gender, Theory and Research
by Linda McKie

'Another Day, Another Demand': How Parents and Children Negotiate Consumption Matters
by Sharon Boden

Beyond 'Juggling' and 'Flexibility': Classed and Gendered Experiences of Combining Employment and Motherhood
by Jo Armstrong

Book Reviews

Using Diaries for Social Reseach (Introducing Qualitative Methods Series.) by Alaszewski, Andy
Reviewed by Emma Uprichard

After Habermas: New Perspectives on the Public Sphere (Sociological Review Monograph) by Crossley, Nick and Roberts, John Michael
Reviewed by Mary Ebeling

The Struggle for Community in a British Multi-Ethnic Inner-City Area: Pandise in the Making (Mellen Studies in Sociology S.) by Farrar, Max
Reviewed by Graham Crow

Transitions in Context: Leaving Home, Independence and Adulthood by Holdsworth, David and Morgan, Clare
Reviewed by Helen Marson

The Politics of Birth by Kitzinger, Sheila
Reviewed by Sirpa Wrede

Families in Society: Boundaries and Relationships by McKie, Linda and Cunningham-Burley, Sarah
Reviewed by Sharon Brennan

Books received