Shamser Sinha, Katherine Curtis, Amanda Jayakody, Russell Viner and Helen Roberts

Shamser Sinha

Shamser Sinha worked in the Child Health Research and Policy Unit, Institute of Health Sciences, City University while the research for this study was conducted. He has now moved to the Department of Applied Psycho Social Sciences also in the Institute of Health Sciences. His current research interests include ethnicity, racism, identity, young people, intimate relationships and sexual behaviour. He is the principal investigator on a study investigating the sexual health needs of unaccompanied young refugees and asylum-seekers in Hackney. Doctoral work completed in 2000 was on identity formation of Pakistanis in Greater Manchester and Turkish people in Essen, Germany.


Katherine Curtis

Katherine Curtis was a Research Fellow in the Child Health Research and Policy Unit, Institute of Health Sciences, City University when she worked on this study. She is now doing a PhD on children's management of their type 1 diabetes with a view to contributing to the evidence-base on person-centred health care in paediatric settings. Her main interests are methods and ethics for qualitative research with children and teenagers; the contribution of mixed (quantitative and qualitative) methods studies; and children and teenagers' participation in decision-making.

Amanda Jayakody

Amanda Jayakody worked at Queen Mary\'s University of London and then at University College London in the Dept of Medicine as a research fellow on this study. She is now working in the Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences at UCL on people living with HIV and their quality of life.

Russell Viner

Russell Viner is a paediatrician with a special interest in adolescent health, and works at University College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. He has a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University, and is heavily involved in public health research in the health of young people. His interests focus around health risk behaviours, including sexual health.

Helen Roberts

Helen Roberts is Professor of Child Health at City University where she runs the Child Health Research and Policy Unit. Here research interests are inequalities in child health and what can be done about them, evidence-informed child health and welfare and research based advocacy for children and young people. Her most recent book is Mark Petticrew and Helen Roberts (2006) Systematic Reviewing in the Social Sciences (Blackwells).