Volume 11, Issue 1, published 30/3/2006

Peer Reviewed Articles

Interpreting Trust: Abstract and Personal Trust for People Who Need Interpreters to Access Services
by Rosalind Edwards, Claire Alexander and Bogusia Temple

Putting It into Practice: Using Feminist Fractured Foundationalism in Researching Children in the Concentration Camps of the South African War
by Liz Stanley and Sue Wise

Conceptualising Intensive Caring Activities: the Changing Lives of Families with Young Disabled Children
by Janice McLaughlin

Content, Context, Reflexivity and the Qualitative Research Encounter: Telling Stories in the Virtual Realm
by Nicola Illingworth

Family and Peer Networks in Intimate and Sexual Relationships Amongst Teenagers in a Multicultural Area of East London
by Shamser Sinha, Katherine Curtis, Amanda Jayakody, Russell Viner and Helen Roberts

Becoming Poor in Belgium and Britain: the Impact of Demographic and Labour Market Events
by Caroline Dewilde

Time and the Prison Experience
by Azrini Wahidin

Self-Organising Map Approach to Individual Profiles: Age, Sex and Culture in Internet Dating
by Teemu Suna, Michael Hardey, Jouni Huhtinen, Yrjö Hiltunen, Kimmo Kaski, Jukka Heikkonen and et al.

'Pants to Poverty'? Making Poverty History, Edinburgh 2005
by Hugo Gorringe and Michael Rosie

Marking the Moral Boundaries of Class
by John Kirk

Book Reviews

Psychology and Sociology Applied to Medicine (Illustrated Colour Text S.) by Porter, Michael, Abraham, Charles, Alder, Beth and Teijlingen, Edwin van
Reviewed by Katie Brittain

News Culture (Issues in Cultural & Media Studies S.) by Allan, Stuart
Reviewed by Philippa Hall

Genetic Governance by Bunton, Robin and Petersen, Alan (eds.)
Reviewed by Sirpa Wrede

The SAGE Handbook of Sociology by Calhoun, Craig, Rojek, Chris and Turner, Bryan
Reviewed by Yves Laberge

Intolerant Britain? by McGhee, Derek
Reviewed by Irwin Deutscher

Qualitative Research Practice by Seale, Clive, Gobo, Giampietro, Gubrium, Jaber F and Silverman, David
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Gender Talk: Feminism, Discourse and Conversation Analysis by Speer, Susan A.
Reviewed by Kim Clark

Poor Transitions: Social Exclusions and Young Adults by Webster, Colin, Simpson, Donald, MacDonald, Robert, Abbas, Andrea, Cieslik, Mark, Shildrick, Tracy and Simpson, Mark
Reviewed by Yvette Taylor

Books received