Volume 10, Issue 4, published 31/12/2005

Peer Reviewed Articles

Exploring Intersections of Employment and Ethnicity Amongst British Pakistani Young Men.
   Hasmita Ramji

Narratives of the Night: the Use of Audio Diaries in Researching Sleep
   Jenny Hislop, Sara Arber, Rob Meadows and Sue Venn

Pervasive Uncertainty in Second Modernity: an Empirical Test
   Peter Taylor-Gooby

Not Miser Not Monk: Begging, Benefits and the Free Gift
   Tom Hall

Debate: Future Trends (Peer Reviewed)

Sociological Futures and the Sociology of Work
   Tim Strangleman


What is Human Society? It is a Feeling Society. a Response to Gane and Scott.
   Benet Davetian

Book Reviews

Journalism: Critical Issues
Allan, Stuart (Editor)
Reviewed by Frank McMahon

The Sociology of Childhood (Sociology for a New Century Series) 2nd Edition
Corsaro, William A.
Reviewed by Melissa Dearey

Ain't No Makin' It: Aspirations and Attainment in a Low-Income Neighborhood
MacLeod, Jay
Reviewed by Sharon Brennan

The Sociology of Ethnicity
Malesevic, Sinisa
Reviewed by Sohinee Bhattacharya

On Secularization: Towards a Revised General Theory
Martin, David
Reviewed by Raf Vanderstraeten

Social Justice, Human Rights and Public Policy
McLachlan, Hugh V.
Reviewed by Pär Gustafsson

Handling Qualitative Data : a Practical Guide
Richards, Lyn
Reviewed by Mark Pearson

Sport and Society (Issues in Society)
Scambler, Graham
Reviewed by Dominic Malcolm

Books received