Volume 10, Issue 2, published 30/6/2005

Peer Reviewed Articles

Applying Ragin's Crisp and Fuzzy Set QCA to Large Datasets: Social Class and Educational Achievement in the National Child Development Study
Barry Cooper

The Ghost of Patrick Geddes: Civics As Applied Sociology
Alex Law

Suicidal Masculinities
Jonathan Scourfield

Nice and Tidy: Translation and Representation
Bogusia Temple

Researching Hard-to Reach Populations: Privileged Access Interviewers and Drug Using Parents.
Nicola Jane Taylor and Jackie Kearney

A Critical Analysis of the Medical Model as used in the Study of Pregnancy and Childbirth
Edwin van Teijlingen

Debate Section: Future Trends

In Volume 10, Issue 1 of the journal Gayle Letherby and John Scott both contributed pieces, which we hoped would stimulate reflections and debate on the pasts, presents and possible futures of the discipline of sociology. The articles in this section are the first of what we hope will be a number of responses. The editors of the journal would welcome further contributions to this section - either in the form of short contributions/reflections, or longer articles that would be subject to the peer review process.

Comment and Contribution

Beyond the Science of 'Society'
John Urry

Peer Reviewed Article

Towards an Emotionally Conscious Social Theory
Benet Davetian

Special Section: Consumption and Waste (Peer Reviewed)
Guest Edited by Andrea Abbas, Steve Taylor, Tony Chapman, Dave Morland and Diane Nutt

Editorial Introduction to a Collection from the 2003 BSA Conference 'Social Futures: Desire, Excess and Waste': The Consumption and Waste Stream
Andrea Abbas, Steve Taylor, Tony Chapman, Dave Morland and Diane Nutt

Explaining Showering: a Discussion of the Material, Conventional, and Temporal Dimensions of Practice
Martin Hand, Elizabeth Shove and Dale Southerton

The Gentrification of Consumption: a View from Manchester
Joanne Massey

Sociology, Science and Sustainability: Developing Relationships in Scotland
Kirsty L. Blackstock, Elizabeth A. Kirk and Alison D. Reeves

Urban Consumption and Feelings of Attachment of Rotterdam's New Middle Class
Marco van der Land

What is Safe? Cultural Citizenship, Visual Culture and Risk
Nick Stevenson

Book Reviews

The Reemergence of Self-Employment : A Comparative Study of Self-Employment Dynamics and Social Inequality
Arum, Richard and Muller, Walter (Editors)
Reviewed by Edward Granter

The Sociology of Education and Work
Bills, David B.
Reviewed by Raf Vanderstraeten

Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques
Corbetta, Piergiorgio
Reviewed by Edwin van Teijlingen

Sex and Manners : Female Emancipation in the West 1890 - 2000 (Theory, Culture and Society Series)
Wouters, Cas
Reviewed by Jenny Greener

Books received