Sociological Research Online

Volume 1, Issue 3

Book Reviews

Harley Carl Schreck: The Elderly in America: Volunteerism and Neighborhood in Seattle
Reviewed by Sara Arber

J. David Hawkins (editor): Delinquency and Crime: Current Theories
Reviewed by Nigel Fielding

Steven Yearley: Sociology, Environmentalism, Globalization
Reviewed by David Frank

Roger Friedland and Richard Hecht: To Rule Jerusalem
Reviewed by Menachem Klein

Robert G. Burgess (editor): Studies in Qualitative Methodology
Reviewed by Ann Lewins

Rob Shields (editor): Cultures of the Internet
Mike Featherstone & Roger Burrows (editors): Cyberspace Cyberbodies Cyberpunk
Reviewed by Joost van Loon

Carol Auster: Sociology of Work: Concepts and Cases
Reviewed by Susanne C. Monahan

Martin Bulmer and Anthony M. Rees (editors): Citizenship Today: The contemporary relevance of T.H. Marshall
Reviewed by Damian Tambini

William Thomas and Florian Znaniecki (edited by Eli Zaretsky): The Polish Peasant in Europe and America
Reviewed by Anna Triandafyllidou

Charles B Strozier and Michael Flynn (Editors): Trauma and Self
Reviewed by Guy Undrill


Volume 1, Issue 3, published 2nd October, 1996