Biographical Note

Nico Stehr is Fellow in the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and Green College, University of British Columbia, Canada. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and editor of the Canadian Journal of Sociology. His research interests center on the transformation of modern society into a knowledge society, global change and public policy, the interrelation between climate and society and the uses of social and natural science knowledge. He has co-edited Society and Knowledge (1984), Knowledge and Politics (1990) with Volker Meja and The Knowledge Society (1986) with Gernot Bvhme. With David Kettler and Volker Meja he is the author of Political Knowledge (1994) as well as co-editor of several previously unpublished manuscripts by Karl Mannheim. His current research interests are reflected in Practical Knowledge (1992), Knowledge Societies (1994) and The Culture and Power of Knowledge: Inquiries into Contemporary Societies (with Richard V. Ericson, 1992). He is currently working with Volker Meja on a book entitled The Fragility of Modern Society.

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